Thursday, 4 November 2010

Hello Internet...

My name is Ruth and, in short, I have started obsessing about make-up recently. I thought if I made a blog I would put up photos here instead of annoying everyone I know on facebook (Aside: if they know me they know I enjoy bright make-up and have already seen it in person, hence photos are boring. If they don't know me so well anymore, they probably don't care to see that many photos, right? Also, I think posting that many posed photos on a social networking site is vain... and it's starting to annoy even me! /longaside)

I am not a professional or even particularly good at applying a face, but I enjoy it. I like playing around with different colours and textures and I like wild combinations. I also like bright red lips. My favourite blogs include vintageortacky, diaryofavintagegirl, shrinkle and of course the wonderful temptalia. I may also post things I baked or drew/painted here, I suppose. I don't know. My favourite brands are illamasqua, sugarpill, mac, clinique and fyrinnae.

I'm trying to be more productive and I think blogging may help with that. I'm going to post a few favourite looks here...  

 Using MAC Russian Red lipstick and the Urban Decay Naked palette.

 Fun with Fyrinnae (not sure which colours...this looked better in person. I wore this yesterday to the cinema)

 Illamasqua blue and kryolan colour-changing green.

 Sleek Acid palette colours on top of Kryolan neon red aquacolor.

 I appear to have no mascara on? But meh. I like this. One of the first looks I did using my Sugarpill Burning Heart quad.

MAC Wisteria (I got both Dame Edna palettes at a cco... could. not. resist. packaging.) with Sugarpill Afterparty and Dollipop.

Sugarpill's Royal Sugar with Dollipop in crease.

Sugarpill's Dollipop, Buttercupcake and Flamepoint with some cheapo green bodyshop liquid liner (applied over black liquid liner).

 Fyrinnae banana mochi. With random brown in crease.

MAC Newly Minted e/s, the aforementioned body shop cheapo eyeliner and Dollipop.

Royal Sugar used wet with MAC's Newly Minted in the crease and Dame's Desire underneath.

I have a new camera, so most of the older photos were from my phone camera (2 mp... for shiz). From now on all photos will be on my Canon Ixus 130.

That's all for now...

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