Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Boot's Lipbalm Essay

I went down to my local Boot's yesterday because I needed deodorant and lipbalm... my life is just that exciting. I usually buy this Boot's lipsalve in either Strawberry (smells and tastes like strawberry Calpol which is simply delicious in my book) or Original (which has SPF 15). It's like Nivea lipbalm but even cheaper. 
I also really like to use Lypsyl (my first ever lipbalm was a hand me down from my sister when I was 6 - a delectable Lemon Lypsyl which I mostly ate... nom). I was umming and aahing over which I fancied. I was thinking 'I need to get one that will last me a long time, I've got through five tubes this winter at my freezing cold job!' and I was thinking 'Ooh, I have heard menthol dries lips and the Carmex ones have menthol plus I wasn't that keen when I tried theirs before' and I was thinking 'Oh dear, Chapstick brand has parabens!'...
In the end it was a toss-up between Burt's Bees or Rose and Co. Currently they are selling all lipcare 3 for the price of 2. I settled on Rose and Co... because it is a massive 20g a tub, had three scents that sounded lovely and I felt like a switch up from tube shaped balm. Also, look at the pretty pretty packaging. 
I am using the Vanilla Salve first and I really love it. Although these are usually £5 pounds each (and I don't think I'll run out anytime soon!) I'd definately buy them again if Sweet Vanilla is anything to go by. It's smooth and silky on the lips, makes them feel less tight and had no discernable taste for me.

But there's more! I had previously tried Eyeko fat balms this winter and I really disliked them. I tried Raspberry and Minty. I liked the look of both on; the tints were noticeable even over my quite dark lip-colouring but overall I found them waxy and with a funny after-taste. I have them in my handbag incase of emergency... but it would have to be some emergency. They're also 6.50 each for 5.2 grams... not so good value, when you think about it. I got a free nail polish with mine or I would've been completely gutted. 
The nailpolish was called Vampira and is fabulous. Yeah, um...speaking of Raspberry and nail polish...

While they're 2 for £5 I got another two of these lovelies. Dusky Mauve (the Chanel knock off) and Raspberry. Good stuff...
Anyone who reads my blog may have noticed that I don't often wear lip products. Two reasons: I don't really like the way they feel (gloss especially) and I lick my lips a lot so they get dry and cracked. I am working on it. I am sure my lipstick collection will expand from the measely two reds I currently own. In the mean time, I love (have always, will always love) lip treatment/lip care/lip balm etc. I am always on the hunt for good ones. If anyone can recommend their favourites, I'll keep a mental note to try them. I have considered Sleek Pout Polish and Models Own tinted balms before but I've heard mixed reviews. Any thoughts?

Ruth x


  1. I would recommended UNE's lip balms. I reviewed one on my blog and I love it :) Although I need to remember to take it with me, otherwise it is not getting much love on my cosmetic counter lol.

  2. Oooh I didn't see their lipbalms. I always look at the UNE stand and think everything looks so stylish in the white packaging. I'm going to check them out :D

  3. I have a bit of lipbalm obsession myself - I bough three in one day last week! I love the bodyshop ones especially, they just smell so divine haha xx

  4. Hi Sylvie. I used to have a bodyshop one that was lime and was pretty wonderful. I pretty much ate it like I ate the lypsyl :s

  5. My lips are awful and I've been using Lush's lip scrub (though you could easily make your own) with a Johnson&Johnson lipbalm, Mooncare or something and it's like a mask. I do that every night and my lips haven't cracked all winter which hasn't happened EVER! Also Pout Polishes are good, pretty conditioning actually and nowhere near as scary as they look in the pan, well worth a shot :)

  6. Hmmm... all excellent advice. I need a lipscrub I think, even though I use balm lots and lots I think I must chew my lips a lot. I will check that out in Lush nextime I'm nearby! xx