Monday, 4 April 2011

Yet another dramatic green eye look...

At the Illamasqua make-up school, we were taught about a technique called 'skin-sketching'. That is to say, marking out the contour shape you wish to create with pencils and cream products and blending them out first, then adding powder eyeshadows to set. I felt like they were doing this mostly to push their pencils and new Cream Pigments. But I already have lots of UD eyeliners that I rarely ever use (and I did buy two of the pigments...)

Another thing is, I've been using bases for a while, but never this way - I would add a base underneath a shadow on the lid and inner corner only (trying to make the colour 'pop') and then try to shade around it with a darker powder. What I was taught in London is to start with the crease, slowly building the darker crease colour with cream products, with two or three shades used, each darker than the last. And maybe a creamy base for the lid, too (if you don't use any other kind of primer). 

Then simply pat colour over the top and - VoilĂ ! - most of the blending and hard work is already done for you. 

The way I saw the professionals there apply eyeshadow was with the lightest colours last to blend the edges at the top and to add a pop of colour on the lid and inner corner (at least on my sort of eye shape anyway, which they claimed was Almond... even though I disagree as one of my eyes is slightly hooded, but I, as always, digress!)

Anyway, this is my roundabout way of explaining why I did this look this way. Onto the product list.

 Base: MAC paintpot in Soft Ochre (this is the first time I used this for a very bright look with no problems such as creasing, fading etc occuring. I am astounded. I think it was due to the very soft buttery nature of Inglot colours mixed with the 24/7 liners), 3  Urban Decay 24/7 liners in colours Zero (black, a teeny-tiny bit, to darken the crease and above eyelashes), Corrupt (shimmery brown, in crease outer lid and above eyelashes, a little on waterline, too) and Graffiti (green with silver glitter, on outer lid and lower lash line), NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (inner corner and about 2/3 into lid).

Eyeshadows: Inglot AMC 59 (matte chartreuse with glitter, made to be a dusty, dirty yellow green by blending brown eyeshadow beneath it), Inglot 384 (matte bright grass green) with Sugarpill Midori (shimmery, minty dark green), blended out with Inglot 352 (matte skintone shade) and the golden yellow from the Sleek Paraguaya palette on the inner corner (I much preferred the look of this over the 'sticky' base).

Eyeliner/Mascara: Body Shop glitter liners in Green and Silver, MAC Army of Amazons mascara (L/E).

Foundation/Blush/Lips/Eyebrows: Clinique Almost Make-up in Shade 1 mixed with Illamasqua Rich Liquid foundation in 140. Illamasqua cream blusher in Rude (on cheeks AND lips, made my lips a really pretty colour, I thought!) Set with Clinique translucent powder. Eyebrows are the lighter matte brown from the Sleek Paraguaya iDivine palette.

When I was at the course, I forgot to mention in my post about SOMUA, there was much discussion about a new foundation they have coming out soon. It is apparently absolutely amazing - easy to apply, lovely coverage, suitable for HD work and yet not 'heavy' like Rich Liquid can be. I can't wait to try it. I actually where foundation most days these days. I never thought I'd be like this five years back, that's for sure...Where was I?

How about another bonus nail of the day?

Revlon Star with Andrea Fullerton Gemstone Overcoat (now I have a back-up, I can use this every time I do my nails with no worries i'll run out. Yay!) This brought out a new layer to the duo-chrome flakes - a sort of purple/grey sheen that I really love. I wish I'd picked up the purple/blue flakey polish from Inglot while I was down there now. I love me some flakies!

Ruth x


  1. Gorgeous look. I haven't used a cream/pencil base to contour for ages, I'll have to try it!

  2. I always think it makes things take longer, but in this case it was really quick and easy. Thanks Robyn :) x