Friday, 17 June 2011

Gaga heart-liner

During my degree I had a David Bowie obsessed friend called Mandi. I like David Bowie, she cries when she sees him kiss someone else. It's that exteme. She wanted to have the anchor under her eye a la the John, I'm only dancing video for a night out (I was 20 in this photo... aw, old times). We couldn't manage it. We had hearts instead... (me white, her black)...

 Well, I was watching some Gaga clips on youtube recently, and I love how she does her liner. I especially like it in this performance of Hair where she, too, has hearts... 

I did something similar with my Boujois liner for a shopping trip yesterday. This got me funnier looks than the bright shadows, which I wasn't expecting. They'se just jealous of my hearts! 

I used my usual Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and Clinique powder, Illamasqua Mischief blush for a light contour and a little of the Highbeam from Benefit (free with Glamour mag at the minute). For the lips I used Cherry lipliner from MAC with a little gloss on top, unusual for me. 
The liner made it last well whilst shopping. 

It's my brothers foundation art and design show tonight so I'll probably wear some exciting shadows later on today, which I shall show you tomorrow. Thanks for looking!
Ruth x


  1. Lady Gaga has amazing eyeliner, especially in the Judas video. I really like your eyeliner though, it looks so smooth and neat and the little hearts are very sweet. :)

  2. Cute overload! You look like a manga character!