Thursday, 2 June 2011

Nude nails

I suppose this is my first nude nail colour, Illamasqua Purity. It's like a milky orange peach to my eyes. I really liked it (to my surprise) on the mannequin hands at Illamasqua's flagship store when I visited London last, but it was an impulse buy. I bought this in a duo with Bacterium mostly because I wanted Bacterium, but oddly enough this is the third polish I've reached for from my recent Illamasqua hauling (after my two neons Rare and Collide). I really like it. I put this on yesterday evening and would usually change my nail polish colour tonight as I'm working tomorrow (I like to have a fresh colour to look at when I'm bored there!) but I couldn't bring myself to.
Yesterday after taking the above photo, I did try to add pandas to the tips of my middle fingers inspired by this video by CutePolish on youtube. I ended up smudging my best attempt and swearing loudly, it was just not meant to be. I repainted them peach. I added my Andrea Fullerton flakies on top of my pinky, and I stuck by it. Simple, but not plain. It reminds me of a french manicure colour I got when I was about twelve years old and way into nail art that I thought was too peachy to look natural. It doesn't look natural, at all. It looks really fake and gummy. I really didn't expect to love this colour so much... and I actually feel more self-conscious in this colour than in any other I've tried so far.
I suppose if I want to get creative, I'm going to need a Konad stamper and plates, and/or some of those nail art pens I used to have (again from a discount beauty shop years ago).

I have another 'work appropriate' (for want of a better phrase, as for me any colour is just that) colour in my collection which is also Illamasqua - Demure. Demure is the only nail polish I have ever bought that I just do not like. It is a sheer jelly pink, a light pink. It does my nails no justice. I bought it in a 50% off sale and it still seems like a rip off. I'm going to franken it one day, I think I could make a pink take on Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air with it.
When I have got through the seven (!!) unused Illamasqua polishes I have amassed this week, I plan on doing a round-up of the Illamasqua polish brand, as I now have over twenty of them.

Ruth x

P.S No eye make-up to post as I had a terrible earache last night that turned out to be an abcsess that burst and really, really hurt! I don't like wearing make-up when I'm indoors, bundled up on the settee all day. It's just too much hassle.


  1. I love that colour! So cute. And you know, acrylic paints are fab for nail art! Much cheaper, you can mix colors, use thin brushes for detail and wipe mistakes away with water while they're still wet (obviously seal with a top coat after they're dry.)

  2. Oh that is a gorgeous color! I agree with Robyn- I use those a lot.

  3. I had read about that on nail art blogs but wasn't sure, I suppose I just need to track down a really teeny tiny brush! Cool....
    (I still want a konad, I am a lemming :p)