Thursday, 23 June 2011

Swapsies... :D + NOTD

I undertook my first two swaps recently. One through and one through this here blog. I'm really happy with it. In both cases, looks like I got the better deal SUCKAS (j/k... but I think so).

From the beautiful and talented and also kimono-loving Lyuba-chan (just look at this eye-look she did the other day and follow her because she's great) two (!!) Wet n Wild trios in Cool as a Cucumber and I'm Feeling Retro. I can't wait to try these... I've never tried Wet n Wild so it's going to be fun. She also sent two nail polishes in Wet n Wild megalast 'Haze of Love' and Maybelline express finish in 'Outloud Lime'. 
We swapped brow powders because I ended up with Gingersnap browbox from Urban Decay (not ginger!) and she ended up with this Gosh set (which may be a bit dark because she IS a redhead!)... I didn't send her as much. I feel like I cheated... but I'm still excited.

Incidentally this green is creamier and lighter than Illamasqua Radium, a favourite of mine. It also has no shimmer. It reminds me of an Avon colour that I had when I was at school (like 11 or so) that came out sheer no matter how much I put on... It looked like this in the catalogue but was disappointing in real life. Fingers crossed, looking at it in the bottle this is opaque. And just look at that red. It's like a dusky creamy brick-colour. Oooh...

My make up alley swap was with Nola at Hedonism Limited. Her nails are immaculate... . I sent her a couple from Illamasqua, a couple from Accessorize and a couple from Models Own and she sent me some Essence and Inglot. Now, I know I could've got the Inglots when I was at the London store earlier this year but I completely blanked and forgot all about nails. The eyeshadows and eyeliners... they blinded me! Anyway, I had my heart set on 203 and 204 (green flakey and blurple flakey). From essence their nail art twin in Edward (it might be named after Twilight but I do not care a jot... it is beautiful! It has square glitters!), Circus Confetti, Matte Topcoat,  'Can't Cheat on Me' and 'Where's the Party?' also got my attention when I was searching blogs. 

My nails at the minute are Illamasqua Bacterium (a taupe with silver sheen), which I got bored of after a day and when I received my Polish polish (see, it's from Poland!) decided to glitterify (what, it's a real word!?) with essence Circus Confetti. I've had it on this way two days and can't see me changing it till tomorrow... I like it. But I know with so many new ones to try it's only a matter of time.
Anyone else like swapping?

Ruth x


  1. Love your NOTD, very sparkly! :) Looks like you got some great items!

  2. Oooh, I LOVE this combo! Dirty Bacterium with colorful glitter? Awesome! :)

    By the way, I love WnW eyeshadows. The quality is just outstanding, especially for a cheap drugstore brand.

  3. Ooooooh, lots of polishes! I have both of those W&W trios and I love them, can't wait to see what you do with them so I can steal it :P

  4. What do you think about color choices? :P :P That Maybelline one is US (I guess?) limited edition, I didn't see it any British stores (and we only had 2 in stock on base lol) so I thought it would be perfect for you :) And I can tell you, it's nicely opaque! Cuz I have the same one! :) I'm excited to see what looks you going to do with those :)

  5. Vintage make-up - Thank you :) I love glitter. Especially more than one colour glitter.

    Nola - Thanks so much for all the glitters :D

    Robyn - Haha as if but OK! They're pretty, huh?

    Lyuba - I only just got around to trying the eyeshadows today (I didn't wear any eyeshadow for about 4 days, which is unusual for me...) I used all three colours from Cool as a Cucumber. The greens are <3.
    I loooooooove green, and think I'm gonna try that lime green polish today, you are right, it is very me :)

  6. Wowsers, that Essence Circus Confetti has to be the nicest glitter nail polish I've seen. Much prefer it to OPI's Rainbow Connection.