Sunday, 31 July 2011

A Mini-review and Eye/Hair look.

The above is a book and an apology card from Helen at Pin-Up Parade. I ordered a top from the sale section (which was perfect and adorable) and this book... I was mistakenly sent the Retro Make-up Book by the same author. Ut-oh. I contacted Helen and very politely told her the situation. Not only was she completely apologetic and amazing, she sent this out the day I sent the wrong book back - I could have been lying! It was so trustworthy of her. So in all, from ordering, it took me two days to get the items, and two days to get the correct book. It was fabulous. Not only that, she refunded the £1.50 it had cost me to return it. I was truly pleased. More after the jump...

Since I saw Ashley, aka LisaFreemontStreet on youtube, using this book I have wanted it. Possibly as much as a year or more I've been a lemming for this. So far, it's amazingly helpful... but I've only tried one simple look. I used the hair curling tong and hair clips set, but as my curling tong is actually a big chunky wand with no claspy thing to hold the hair on, it was a little tricky and the curls were very loose. Having step by step instructions is going to be very helpful for setting patterns, I can tell. Now I just need heated curlers and some more clips and bobby pins and I will finally have vintage hair, damnit.

This look features The Balm Jealous Jordana over Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Mildew and The Balm Hot Mama blush. This was a few days ago, for work. The curls dropped pretty badly as I also don't have setting lotion, and clearly underestimated how much hairspray I would require.
I'll have beehives and real true victory rolls in no time!

Ruth x

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  1. Your eyes are gorgeous in this pics. I went out and got the bobby pins recommended by Ashley from Sally's beauty supply and you can get the Lottabody lotion there to. You be surprise what a difference a great set of bobby pins can do. If I may I recommend the curlers in the little pouch that heat up well and give you the best authentic curl for vintage. I got mine for 14.99.