Monday, 11 July 2011

My First Ever Franken - a holographic with Spectraflair

I attempted to make a black holographic nail polish. Having been pretty disappointed with my bottle of Revvvolution by Color Club (and envying everyone who ever had the original OPI My Private Jet) I decided to buy some Spectraflair car paint pigment off ebay and whip up my own. I used Essie Licourice (black polish), Color Club Revvvolution and some clear polish (remnants of Essie Good to Go already in the bottle I was using - about 1/5 the bottle). I found a tiny funnel to channel the pigment down. 

In the end, it turned out more gunmetal than black and even though I used about 1/3 a gram of the pigment it's only holo in strong direct indoor or direct natural lighting. I also used 4 x 1/8 inch stainless steel ball bearings that I popped in the bottle to mix it up (I got 100 for 1.50 including postage on ebay so I'm set for many frankens to come!) It was very sparkly in the sunlight and overall I'm pleased with my first attempt.

I'd like to try a true blue and a red next... just need to track down some empty polish bottles!

How do you like my new header? It's better than I could've done alone. Thanks go to my younger brother... 

Here he is at his Art Foundation show (to which I wore the Zazu eye of the day). Aw! Colourful times.

I managed to track down the little gifts for my giveaway today and plan to blog about it tomorrow evening. 
Thanks for your patience. I'm feeling kind of lazy recently... :)
Ruth x


  1. I loooove that holo! And I love that your header has your yellow liner in it :D

  2. Cute header! That black holographic polish is SICKENING. Love.

  3. I love your nails, how do you get them so long and strong? This post makes me want to dig out my old holographic nail polish. :)

  4. Robyn - I know right?! He chose to do that, it wasn't on the photo he was copying from. He reads this... Hi bro!

    Meredith - thanks :)

    Lydia - I always use a base coat and a topcoat to make the polish extra thick! And only file my nails now, never trim them. Fingers crossed I've not snapped one in over a year now :D