Monday, 3 October 2011

'Blue Bus' EOTD

The last ever (or so I heard) Urban Decay Book of Shadows (number IV) is actually my first. It was an impulse purchase while I was buying Morange from MAC on (because there was 10% off). The liner, mascara and primer swung it for me, as well as the focus of this look - Blue Bus. I am now poor for the rest of the month, as there were three family birthdays to buy for and my hours are down at work. Was it worth it?

Onto the products, more photos, and a mini-review.

Base - Urban Decay Primer Potion (original), NYX Jumbo pencil in Pacific (medium blue, eyelid).
Eyeshadows - Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV colours - Zephyr (highlight), Skimp (blending/highlight), Blue Bus (inner lid), Hijack (outer lid), Lost (lower lash line) and Bust (crease) with a touch of Blackout from Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette in the crease, Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Black.
Eyeliner/Mascara/Brows - Boujois Clubbing Liner Intense (black), Illamasqua Vow pencil (waterline), Urban Decay Whiskey 24/7 eyeliner pencil (under lower lashes), MAC brow pencil in Stud.
Face - Illamasqua Skinbase Foundation in 07, E.L.F translucent powder, MAC Bite of an Apple blush.
Lips - A mix of lipbalm and Sleek Pout Paint in Milkshake.

My quibbles are as follows - the size (I have a full IKEA Alex drawer set for my make-up and bodycare and can't find space for it!), the silly butterflies (they're not even pop-up on mine), the tutorials on that iphone reader card thing (which I borrowed my mum's phone to watch) were really rubbish and the one major flaw - mine had a flap of card above the drawer which was scraping the top of the Blue Bus/Bender/Midnight Cowgirl/Bust row. I fixed that now... but it was annoying. It got bits of stupid glitter from Midnight Cowgirl everywhere. The other thing is the presence of TWO bloody silly Midnight glitter-bomb colours, but whatevs.

Overall, I am really pleased with this eyeshadow palette. I think lots of the colours are super gorgeous (Blue Bus, Bender, Cobra, Baked, Gravity, Hijack, Crystal, Bust and Missionary), great as highlight colours (Skimp and Zephyr) and I get backups for already-favourites from the Naked palette (Sin and Gunmetal).

At some point (when I feel braver) this might be one for depoting (then I can throw the crappy packaging away forever... yesssssssssssss)

Ruth x


  1. Shame about the silly packaging, they can get really carried away with all that stuff and you just know that it accounts for like more than half of the price tag.

    If you are so inclined, I'd love to see how you depot your makeup!

  2. Hmm... last one? I suppose I had better get it. I bet that's just a ploy, though! I love that everyone hates the glitterbombs, I bought my sister the last BOS for Christmas last year and she says its her favourite! And I'd not thought of mixing the pout paints with lipbalms - good idea!

  3. depoting is a trial for one's patience it seems to me.
    However, this was awesome. Love how you've matched the shades on the make up with your hair!

  4. Love the look, sorry about the packaging issues and the glitterbombs. I passed when I saw the iphone tute card thing - seemed a bit too gimmicky. Kind of relieved to hear the tutes weren't awesome (but sorry you had to pay to find out).

  5. I thought the packaging with the QR codes and speaker was such a random idea, and bad way to integrate technology into makeup :| Aaaaaanyway I love your lid shades here, and that lip colour on you. Is it weird that I love your eye shape?

  6. Meredith - I never have before haha. But the more I use that damn packaging the more I want to get them out in a nice slim palette. Argh!

    Robyn - yes. I think they probably lied to me. Your sis sounds ace. mostly I still use the glittery ones and just pretend to myself that I meant it to go all over my cheeks :D I do love glitter, this is true.

    Kathy - the little tutorials had all the same intro and it got repetative!

    Jerry - Aw. That one eye I always photograph is pretty good (imo) but the other eye *shudders* haha... it is rarely seen. But thank you x

    Eyegraffiti - Oooh. I am kind of scared I will smash them (especially blue bus <3) Haha. Yes, matching is a hobby.