Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Turning cousin Lindz into Lady Gaga

My mum is adjusting Gaga's wig.

My cousin Lindsay wanted help planning her New Years Eve fancy dress make-up so I helped her out last Friday. She's ordered some rhinestones to stick around the edges of the bolt and I'm planning on making a stencil for the lightning when we undertake the real deal. And there will (of course) be giant false lashes then, too.

She has the dress and everything, it's going to be way cute. She is wearing the wig and hairy-bow for effect.

On the lids I used Urban Decay primer potion in Eden, following by a mixture of MAC Bright Fuscia and Neon Orange pigment (there's no Neon Pink left at my counter for me to scrounge/steal samples from so this is a case of use what you have) intensified by putting a drop or so of waterbased Mixing Medium onto the brush. The crease was Blackout and Junkshow from the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette, and a couple of colours from my Inglot neutrals palette (including my trusty - most dinted eyeshadow ever - 352 for blending up to the brow). I used Kryolan Aquacolor in Black (again with Mixing Medium) for the eyeliner and the bolt, with some Dark Soul pigment pressed on top (from Lindsay's own stash).

We're thinking maybe bright pink lips on the night, too (Girl About Town lipstick? A Sleek Pout Paint concoction?) And so we come to the crux of this post - Does anyone have any advice about the lightning bolt? (It was so wobbly when I free handed...)

I am working a late shift tonight so may perhaps post again today (while I've got the time and still don't know how to schedule posts.) I am off tomorrow and want to create a new Adventure Time look based on the double feature Chrsitmas episode. Woop woop.

Thanks for looking, 

Ruth x


  1. I think because its across the contours of the face the lines are always going to be a bit wonky. I'd go for tape rather than making a stencil which you'll have to hold up to the face and then just clear the edges up afterwards if needs be. I've never tried this look... maybe I should! She looks awesome anyway, take pics of the finished result!

  2. I know it's a wig - but I just love the hair bow :3

    For the bolt, maybe try using some low-tack tape. I've used the clear one from Superdrug before - this one:

    -though admittedly not on such a big area! But you can't really lose for 2 quid.

    Good luck :) can't wait to see the final version!


  3. OMG ROBYN THAT IS A GREAT IDEA. I will get some scotch tape in time. Sweet.

    Rose - ooh, never heard of that. That sounds even better than scotch. Oooh, I feel like I'm cheating heee. Thanks ladies! x

  4. This is awesome! I think the lightning bolt looks great, not too wonky at all!

  5. Agree about the tape, but honestly it looks good!

  6. She looks awesome, can't wait to see it when you do it for real! :D And yes, GIRL ABOUT TOWN ALL THE WAY.