Sunday, 29 January 2012

My first Product Update for MAC etc

My first update for MAC Spring/Summer was on Friday 27th Jan and I loved it! It went so quickly. It was held in a nearby hotel, train tickets paid for and lots of lovely food all day. As a wonderful bonus at the end of trying out new releases, watching videos and watching and participating in demos, we got some new products to take home. It is insane that I get paid to do something I would (and some stuff that I already do) do for free. I feel so lucky these days, in this respect anyway.

We were warned not to post online any product or collection info that isn't already public knowledge and so I'm not. But I will say there are a fair few new products coming out this Spring/Summer that I am sure lots of people will enjoy. I was impressed. I got nine freebies I can show you, as they're all already released or coming out very soon. Yay! I have Red Dwarf prolongwear lipcreme, Azalea Blossom blush ombre, Japanese Spring cremesheen glass and Blueblood nail polish from the Daphne Guinness collection - which is madness because that particular blush and lipstick were the things I wanted most and have almost bought in the past. I used them in a FOTD below. I also got Palladium metal-x eyeshadow, Lasting Sensation lip pencil (not pictured, a coral/orange colour) and False Lashes Extreme Black mascara.

These two aren't out yet in the UK - Perfect Day amplified cream lipstick and Cloudy Afternoon mineralize eyeshadow from the Naturally Collection. Since they're out in America, however, I thought it's be ok to post. I mean they've been swatched by Temptalia so I'm safe, right? (Can you tell how paranoid I feel? Me? ME?! Trusted with future product info. They must've made a mistake...)

Yesterday to work I wore Red Dwarf and Azalea Blossom. I especially love this lipstick, it's a 'my lips but better' colour for me. (I have clothes on, by the way, but I was wearing a strapless top and a-line skirt yesterday).

My nails at the minute are a stunning combination, I layered Maybelline Fantasy Fire topcoat over a Nubar Pyramid Purple (a purple cream). Thanks to Rach from the Beauty Spot for the recommendation. It has a green/purple duochrome glitter in a deep purple base that looks blue from some angles. I'm going to layer it over a dark blue one day to see how that works, and maybe over Blueblood, too.

I'm gonna be cheeky and show you something unreleased. Check it out. Pictures are already online for the Vera for MAC collection. so there you go. I got Flower Fantasy, one of the pearlmatte facepowders. I'm yet to try it because look how cute it is with the little ladybird? I'll leave it at a picture only. I won't show swatches until I see others online first. 

Ruth x

PS When I was taking photos in my room I noticed (like on the Vera powder photo) a little visitor. Look at my cat cleaning herself all over on my nice clean bed! The little chubber.


  1. What fun to get freebies! Can't wait to see what new stuff is being released. That pearmatte face powder looks awesome!

  2. You're a lucky puss! Azalea Blossom was made for you. I am going crazy with excitement that Lord It Up liner is being repromoted in Vera for Mac. Cant find a dupe, running so low, fave liner ever!! YES!!! Love the purple nails, I love OPI A Grape Fit, but it's a cream finish and I think you like glitter/metallics but it's such a great purple xx

  3. I am so soooo jealous of you!!! The things you must have seen :D

    Thanks so much for the shout out, im wearing fantasy fire right now!!! Over Barry M Indigo you must try that combo :) (tis darker)

  4. Eeeeeee! Can't wait to see the stuff you can't show us yet. And Red Dwarf is sooooo lovely on you!

  5. SWEET! That must be cool to get new stuff that isn't released yet! Your cat is super cute :)