Thursday, 23 February 2012

EOTD - Lucky Green Wings

I used Groundwork and Soft Ochre paint pots as bases, using the darker brown to trace a cat eye/winged shape into my socket. The eyeshadows are (from tearduct out) Naked pigment, Lucky Green, Embark, Copperplate, Brule and a touch of Shimmermoss underneath the inner corner. Lips are just my favourite balm at the minute Clinique Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry (which is, incidentally, almost completely gone, so I had to order another one. Can't. Live. Without. I am also waiting for some Jack Black balms to arrive, thanks to the recommendation of Temptalia and Rachael... and I want the Tendertones from Shop MAC, Cook MAC. ALL OF THEM. Anyway...)/[lipbalm-addict]

I wore this to work and popped some Ample Pink plushglass on my lips when I got in, so I'm not cheating on MAC ;-) Skin is Prolongwear foundation NC15 which I adore. Not so good when I have blemishes but really nice now my skin is clearing up from my Christmas spotty-like-mad times. Powdered with MSF Natural Light Plus. Also, I wore only Harmony blush as contour because I added one of the Mineralize blushes from the Naturally Collection when I got into work...

I didn't use any Carbon (matte black) in the look because I thought it would make it too heavy - what do you think? I want to get better at varying shapes of eyeshadow more often, too - there are so many interesting styles to try. I find sketching out the shape with a cream product really helps me, especially when doing other peoples make-up; it gives you a chance to change the shape really easily if it's not working out!

Thanks for reading,

Ruth x

ps. I am nursing a sick old man cat the past few days, taking him to the vet and trying to force feed him with a syringe. I didn't manage to get any make-up on for two days straight (woah!) but have been practicing facecharts and will obviously be wearing make-up I can blog about to work this weekend. So yeah, you didn't know I had a loose plan to do something outrageous but... now you know, it'll be coming up. Soon. I hope. If the cat gets better soon ^.^


  1. I really like the shape you do, I suck with eye shapes just go for safe stuff a lot of the time!

    Love your hair once again

    p.s. hope your kitty gets better (sends good karma)

    1. Thanks Rach. I am trying to consciously actually decide on a shape, not just go in and do whatever I feel like. If that makes sense.

  2. I really like this eyeshadow shape on you! Pretty :)

  3. The color combination of this and the cat-eye shape you did is fantastic!!
    Also- your hair looks freaking amazing!!!

    Cuddles and snuzzles to Kitty- I hope he feels better soon xoxo

  4. I hope your kitty gets better soon :(

    This probably sounds creepy, but I am so jealous of your socket line. *shakes fist at my slightly hooded eyes*

    1. Your eyes are awesome. You don't need to change them! xxxx