Friday, 17 February 2012

Not Another Apologetic Post

Yes... yes it is. Hi there. I am a terrible blogger. It's not that I'm not looking into, wearing and working with make-up all the time, it just seems I am a sucky regular-blogpost writer. Phew, got that bit out of the way (again). Not really been in the mood and that, sorry. Now onto the post...
I've worn purple smokey eyes and false lashes for two Saturday's running at work, as you can see above. Although last Saturday (which I did not photograph) it was not by my own choosing; we had a look to wear on counter and... it turned out to be Young Punk MES as a smokey eye. D'oh.

Looking to break this cycle...
...more creatively than this tomorrow - what I wore on Sunday. This is the lazy Sunday face. It included Prolongwear foundation NC15 and concealer NC20, Prolongwear lipcreme in Red Dwarf, Posey cremeblend blush, Opulash mascara and Stud eyebrow pencil.

Today... I had a play around. It's messy, I know. But it was very fun!

I had an idea to use every matte MAC pigment I could muster - Magenta Madness, Neon Orange, Full Force Violet and Hi-Def Cyan. Just because... and it turns out that's very tricky indeed.
I also added a smidge of Sugarpill Royal Sugar under the lashes and Waveline fluidline to line and tightline my eyes. I always struggle with gel liner, it's possibly to do with my brushes but they say only a bad artist blames their tools. Roll on payday, that's what I say.
Urban Decay Vanilla  was added to inner corner and Omen to help blend crease, both from the 15th Anniversary palette. Brows were just a bit of Copperplate eyeshadow. Lips were Sleek Mystic lipstick. Skin was Illamasqua Skinbase in 07 and MAC MSF Natural in Light Plus. Blush was Illamasqua cream blush in Betray (I put loads on and it's not showing up in the photos... must be the lighting. Grr!)

I feel like I could've gone more dramatic in the shape (I am feeling quite sheepish and shy at the minute, with my wisdom teeth coming in and so on - I feel gawkygeekymessy) but after the rut I've been in... well... I'm ok with that. You can see it in my grinning chops up there.

I am looking forward to payday and Shop MAC, Cook MAC. How about you?

Ruth x


  1. I love this look and still obsessed with your hair :D

    I am also looking forward to Shop MAC, Cook MAC and Vera Wang though my credit card isn't!

  2. I like that first look - you look very pretty and it suits you nicely!

  3. USE ALL THE MATTES! This is amazing, I'm totally going to steal it and use Mystic as well, perfect match! And your Sunday face (I'm trying very hard not to laugh and I'm sorry! My friends dad used to call your front bottom your Sunday face?!) is adorable as well.