Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Some new things and stuff (a rambly post)...

As my hair fades, it kind of looks quite cool, right? This is a really simple make-up look I wore on Saturday because I was in for some store training at work (fire safety etc). I wish my hair would just be curly like this forever. That is all (but it's not actually...)

My Carmine box for February finally arrived today. My pros were - Steamcream in a shell-covered tin. I had some shell covered tins as a child so this reminds me of happy times. The cream also happens to smell of a family friends home when they were aromatherapists, also in my childhood. I have wanted to try this product for a while as Lisa Eldridge raves about it. Yeah, it ticks lots of boxes.
The toothpaste; I hate my teeth, I always use whitening toothpastes and am not happy with what I use currently from Pearldrops. The other great thing is the full-size bodywash (I've just finished using a Weleda full size shower gel that came in the Dec or Nov box, so this is good timing once more).

Look at it shine.

Cons for me are as follows - The Steamcream has a 6m shelflife once opened but mine runs out of date in June, like they sent me an old one. Boo! I'll simply have to use it up extra fast then, so there. Products wise -  tiny perfume sample (boring), tiny lipstick sample (although cute, pointless, lid falls off, meh), dark red Andrea Fullerton nail polish as I wish I got a more exciting colour. I have a few dark red polishes, so may end up giving this to my mum or sister. Don't get me wrong, the nail polish is full size and I love my Andrea Fullerton gemstone topcoat rotten! So it's quality stuff overall.

I've been thinking of cancelling my subscription, just because I am accumulating so much stuff like some kinda crazy madwoman type. I admit, I was already a bit of a hoarder cat lady before Carmine, but yanno. Now I think I'll have to keep paying up for this. I've never been disappointed by this box. Yeah, I've convinced myself.

 Haulin' (bit scary when it's from next months wages... Eek! None of this is paid for yet.)

My SPC (staff product concession - fancy name for online order) came through. Firstly I bought Moisture Surge tinted moisturizer and almost lipstick in Black Honey from Clinique for the motherload (not pictured), she is hooked on Clinique and always has been, always will be, so it feels all fancy I can treat her now my parent company is Estee Lauder. I got myself a new Clinique Chubby stick in Chunky Cherry as my first one ran entirely out on me... cool. That rarely happens as I am a balmaddict and always have 5 or so on the go at once. I also got a pack of 100 MAC wipes because they seem to work well on customers... I wanted my own!

The brushes are as follows - 228 mini-shader (for my brush belt), 2 x 210 liner brush (the thinnest liner, to practice my precision with gel liner at work and at home), 2 x 212 flat definer (again, to help me improve at home and work), 2 x 212 short shader brush (for smudging under eyes 1 for work, 1 for me), 219 pencil brush (can't decide whether to put this in my belt as a back up, or keep it for me... I want!), 249 large shader brush (for putting bases on peoples eyes at work and concealer), 316 lip brush (the kind with a metal cover, for me as I don't have a nice one at home - already got one with my belt), 168 angled blush brush (again, not sure whether this is for me or my belt yet. They do get dirty so fast, and yet I do not have an angled powder brush at home. Hmph. Decisions decisions... the best kind of decisions!)

Also pictured is my MAC lip conditioner stick and one of my new Jack Black lipbalms (which I will always want to call Black Jack) because I am in love with them both dearly. I think Black Jack (see I did it already) is better value overall, and smells way better... they both do a good job plumping out my tiny little pruney lips. I'm a lip licker and nibbler, and I need help. I bought Grapefruit & Ginger as well as Vanilla & Lavender scents. Delicious. 

Still can't wait for the MAC Tendertones to be released already either, I love them! I want all the lipbalms, just for me. Nobody else is allowed any.

Anyway, I told you it'd be rambly! Thanks for looking. I am going back to obsessively reading the Hunger Games now because I am a very very cool 25 year old. Peace.

Ruth x


  1. *drooooool* Mac brushes. I need to invest in a fluffy blender soon as mine are literally falling apart. Bleh. Also, I LOVE YOUR HAIR.

  2. Love your hair so much I would marry it if I could :)

    I need good brushes but the sparkles need to be bought too

  3. Your hair is amazing!! I'd love to have similar colours! and your eyebrows are always so cool!

  4. Your hair looks so awesome! x

  5. I love your hair! The color and curls! The stuff from the box looks great to me! Too bad to one product is old :( And yay for new stuff!

  6. Damn you and your hair, Ruth! One day I am going to come and bother you.

    Nice haul! I need me some more MAC brushes - whenever I see a new one in a video or in another MUAs kit I'm all 'OMG NEED.'