Saturday, 17 March 2012

Nail Fails!

I haven't posted about my nails in a while, so please allow me this indulgence. Is nail polish technically make-up? I don't know... but I love it. The first nail fail I am having, as is so often the case, my ring finger has a much longer nail than the rest. It's just so pretty, when the weaker/more brittle nails snap, I can't usually bring myself to file it down. It's definitely my favourite nail.

I had this idea that worked really well (in my mind) to do my nails inspired by the new Illamasqua Summer stuff, in particular the teal with white liner and brows. I thought ''what would white leopard print look like?'' The answer is, when I do it, not very good. Nail Fail.

My other current rubbish nail times include not being so succesful with konad plates and stuff. I bought set B and was delighted it currently comes with a blue inplace of the green konad special stamping polish. I did a full hand perfectly last night, actually, and then when I put the topcoat over it smudged SO MUCH. I need to learn to put topcoat on in one big swoop of the brush.

This is the best I've managed so far. Any stamping tips, or links to blogs with good tips, would be greatly appreciated. I want my nail mojo back!

Ruth x


  1. Whatchoo talkin' bout, Willis? I love the white leopard!

  2. when it comes to stamping the nails i think practise is the best tip. i am not a nail pro at all, and hey i've done a lot of failure, but after a few stamp-sessions i've become better haha! but you patterns above the stamps was so colour-explosive!/Azure