Thursday, 8 March 2012

Using New Goodies x 3

Tried out the Call Me Bubbles quad (plus Copperplate eyeshadow in the crease) for Viva Glam Friday. I got to wear a Nicki and Ricky shirt, too. Look! White instead of black. Oooh fancy. Also - She bangs, she bangs! Haaa. Gotta love Ricky Martin. I don't yet own Nicki lipstick so I put that on when I got to the counter. To be honest, it doesn't really suit me, so I ended up changing it for Viva Glam II. (Aside: I really love Viva Glam II, and think I need it in my life. It's going to be my 'neutral' 'nude' whatever lip. I am overjoyed to have found a not bright or dark lipstick that I like on myself.) In these photos I am wearing Hush Hush tendertone lipbalm instead.

On Saturday I wore Call Me Bubbles quad - this time the matte pink and shimmer highlight with Embark in the crease. Industrial Pearlglide lined under the eye with a little Reflects Blue glitter patted on top. I also used Waveline fluidline and Florida cremeblend blush. I am wearing Hush Hush tendertone (again).  I like the combination of pink and blue, I think Chen Man is onto something.

 (Camera flashed due to overcast sky/bad light. Sorry. You get the idea anyway.)

In my opinion, this look did not photograph well in general. This was the Colour Added quad with some Plumage eyeshadow into the outer corner and under the eye. I wore Chen Man Force of Love lipstick, which I have discovered I like best without the gloss on top. This has a little of the gloss on top, which made it drag around and show my dark lips through.

I was helping out a little bit on a local short film on Monday and Tuesday, which tired me out yesterday. I'm just not used to being out in the elements anymore, to think I used to work in the cold everyday. Crazy. I'll probably show more details of that later, but just a little note as to what I've been up to.

Ruth x

ps Woah, I made 200 followers. I am over the moon ^.^


  1. The last lipstick = love! But I'm too poor to buy ahaha.

  2. your hair is incredible!! I love the waves. And of course the make-up, I think I should stop reading your blog cos my "wanted" list is gowing!!

  3. i love that you wear blue brows to your hair so often! everybody´should colour their brows more often! and on you it looks like you should have been born with blue brows, and blue hair of course!//Azure

  4. The colors of the first look with your hair is MAGIC. Can you make me a Ruth wig for my head? Yes? YES?

  5. How do you cover the natural colour of your brows so well? My hair is green and every time I try to match my brows to it they just look really patchy :(