Monday, 16 April 2012

Adventure Time Inspired Series - Flame Princess

Flame Princess, a new-ish character in a new-ish episode Adventure Time ("Incedium"). Jake is searching for a Princess of Finn's age to help him get over Princess Bubblegum, who is now 18 once more (and too old for Finn). I loved this characters colours more than anything plus the way they animated the Fire Kingdom (and her anger) was soo pretty.

Anyway, I hadn't tried to create an Adventure Time look in a while, so maybe it's not quite as dramatic as they used to be, but here goes nothing...

Eyes - MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre, Inglot yellow gel liner (on lid as base), MAC Goldenrod (lid), Texture (crease), and Embark (lightly in outer-v), Sugarpill Flamepoint (over crease), Illamasqua Lick (to fade crease into eyebrow highlight), MAC Laundry Daze (under brow highlight) and Colour Added (inner corner), Sugarpill Magentric chromalust (under eye) and MAC Quarry (outer corner underneath).
Brows - MAC Charcoal Brown and Sugarpill Love+.
Eyeliner + Mascara - MAC Blacktrack fluidline and MAC Studio Fix Boldblack lash mascara.
Skin - Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturiser in Porcelain. Blush was a tiny bit of Benefit Posie Tint. Powdered with MAC MSF Natural in Light Plus.
Lips - MAC Force of Love lipglass (from Chen Man collection).

I finally tried out Lick from Illamasqua, kindly sent to me by Rach at the Beauty Spot. Urgh. Can't believe it took me this long, I love it. Somewhere between pink and peach, just like some of the colours in the Flame Princess. I don't know if I got the colours as spot on as I'd have liked. Still had fun!

I (very clearly) need to sort my hair, any suggestions for styles in the comments please? (I quite fancy a long-bob!)

Ruth x


  1. A long bob could look cute on you! I LOVE this look. The orange. The brows. The liner. All the things.

  2. Aaaah this is awesome, love the brows! I like your long hair but I think a longer bob would be cut too, as long as you still did the colorful bits!

  3. super pretty! and i love adventure time. :)

  4. :D Yayyyy thanks guys. Adventure Time is still hilarious.

    Pablo says he likes my hair long, or at least he inferred it. I said 'I want to cut my hair' (I've been talking about this a lot recently, we were all talking about my hair) and he said WHY? And I said BECAUSE I WANT A BOB! And he said why? Haha. I thought that was funny. (I am lame.)

  5. This look is awesome! I love the red in the brows :D