Friday, 13 April 2012


Really simple quick FOTD I wore to work last week. The eyeshadows are Vex (centre of lid) with Quarry, Copperplate and Charcoal Brown in the crease and Blanc Type to blend. I am trying to perfect a non-winged eye, but to be honest I think it looks a bit weird on me (I'm too used to flicky-eyeliner!)

I am falling in love with Vex! Also Select Cover-Up concealer, as it turns out, is much better over a foundation. I had steered well clear of this concealer since first buying it when I was 15 (and had some spots to cover). Yeah... doesn't work on it's own. Glad I rediscovered it! It's great on my eye bags...

Ruth x


  1. I can't deal with non-flicky eyeliner either. Well I HAVE been wearing it flicked since I was about 14 haha. I do think you look lovely though.

  2. What do you have on your cheeks? It's so pretty! I still don't like a non-winged strong liner, I've been wearing it that way for so long"