Sunday, 8 April 2012

Photodump part 100,000! (now with added cat goodness)

These photos are from a few weeks back because I'm once again behind on explaining myself! I wish I could post smaller daily updates. I apologise it's coming to you all at once, once more... it's that or i'll be playing catch-up forever, which in turn makes me procrastinate (possibly the longest sentence in this blog ever?)

The above is the second time I wore Max Factor Fantasy Fire, this time two layers over one coat of Illamasqua Propaganda (dark blue jelly-like cream). This really brought out the duochrome, certainly better than when I layered it over a purple cream. It almost looks like it does in the bottle over this one! I added a Konad stamp to my ring finger, just because.

I have once again cut my nails down to nothing because they're still peeling pretty badly, no matter how much OPI Avoplex I apply. :( No more Nail Of The Days for a while.

The above is a Chen Man Love and Water collection inspired look I designed (based on a facechart from the official collection release). I forgot to put the dots under the eye for my photos! D'oh. Had to fix it when I got into work. I did a facechart and everyone wore it at the counter for a day. It was pretty sweet! I was ill-prepared and I still SUCK at facecharts and need to give myself a few days to just focus on practicing that. As an aside, I actually wrecked the first one I made by putting it in a puddle of water and drying it under a hand dryer. FACEPALM. It was all wrinkled and smudged when I got to work because I'm daft. I made a new one that was slightly better, got a bit of practice in that way. When life gives you lemons and all that... make orange juice?!

I used the Call me Bubble quad from Shop/Cook MAC collection and  Naval Blue pigment from Chen Man, with Plumage to darken the crease.

Not even sure what this look was, or why my face looks orange? I know I wore it to work. The liner isn't my usual Superslick, it's Blacktrack gel liner. I'm praciticing with that, too. Lipstick was Viva Glam Gaga I, we had some back in stock when Viva Glam Nicki released so I fancied wearing it. Think this must've been a Friday, in that case. I appear to have Reflects Blue glitter under my eyes, because I LOVE that little pot of goodness.

A Springtime dark lip? I fancied wearing Dubonnet with Currant lipliner, that's all. My eyebrows (as usual) are Atlantic Blue and Electric Eel eyeshadows. I kept the rest really 'clean' (read: plain). I *think* the blush, possibly, is the Vera collection Flower Fantasy Pearlmatte facepowder. I like to use the shimmering part separately as a highlight and keep the blush matte.

Bonus cat picture times... 

Every Spring, my cat likes to have a little seat on the bird table. She used to try to catch birds from it, now she merely tries to steal what's been left for the birds (e.g bacon rinds, grated cheese etc). She spots me through the window and stays there, posing...

 ...tucks her feet in, has a nap...

 ...and then she's had enough.

She so grumpy with her little snarly fang face :3

Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend/Easter/none-denominational Springtime chocolate egg day. I started the day with no eggs and ended up with one from my self and half (ie, one to share with my brother) from my sister. Woohoo. I ate half of one and feel a bit sick now, after a roast dinner and plum crumble. Barf.

In other news, I have resisted new MAC collections - even the split fibre brushes that I so fancy having just because they're different and limited. I do not need anymore brushes though. Argh. I pretty much spent all my spending money this month on payday. For real reals. Staff discount is a dangerous tool in the hands of idiots. Or something.

I think I've blabbed enough, I'm in a self-indulgent mood (...and tired, as neighbours kept me up till 4am last night having a party in their garden to crap dancey housey pop shit. I don't even know. *shrugs* Easter does crazy things to the locals, I think.)

Ruth x


  1. I forgot about those brushes. CHEERS LUV. My nails keep peeling as well and I don't know whyyyyy. I filez dem nice. I bases them nice. Le sigh.

    1. :( Nail woes #firstworldproblems (I still am lemming the brushes)

  2. That third look with the dark lip- HUBBA.

  3. I looove the dark lips look, and the first one inspired by Chen Man. Fantasy Fire is so pretty!

  4. Gorgeous looks as usual. I'm so in love with your nails! I wish Max Factor would come back to the U.S. =(

  5. Aw your cat is adorable! She does not look impressed with you :p Love that lip combination x