Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Couple o' looks.

Yesterday I was waiting for my Illamasqua stuff, no thanks to DHL for messing it up this time. Blah. But my point is, waiting I got bored and did a little something with Goldilux to cheer myself up.

When the Illamasqua stuff came I tried out Precision Ink in Abyss. It went on a bit patchy over Goldilux because I applied it wet and it was chunky. But I like the applicator and I usually dislike foam tip liquid liner. So I think it's pretty good so far.

Today I did a little look using She Who Dares from MAC over Pixie Epoxy, and using my Illamasqua blending brush 1 to apply Eyeshadow Suite Shallow/V. Deep from MAC to attempt fading out from the crease. Yesterday I also needed some essentials from Boots and walked to town in the snow. Whilst I was there I picked up three Revlon nail polishes, as there was an offer. I got Cherries in the Snow (for the name if nothing else), Plum Seduction and Emerald City, my first matte nail colour. Although reviews online seem to say it's not matte enough. But I likey. Look at me subtly killing two make-up birds with one stone below. Surreptitious nail shot.

 Ruth x

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