Friday, 18 March 2011

London Haul from Illamasqua and Inglot and an EOTD.

I have started to quite often do hauls and I don't know whether I like this or not - money-wise and/or blog content-wise. But I am too excited about all the stuff I bought and got as a kit with the Eye-Design course so I'm doing this first. I plan to talk about the course in another post and in more detail very soon. I will say that it was interesting and above all else I found it fun. 

In the kit were three brushes (eyeliner, eyebrow and foundation), face charts, false eyelashes number 016 (we used them during the course so one is a little skewiff), eyeliner cake in Mislead (black), Sealing gel (to turn the eyeliner cake into a liquid, but can also be used with any powder shadow to make liquid liner, and it sets waterproof!) and Volume mascara.

I treated myself to Cream blusher in Rude, Toxic Nature Cream pigments in Bedaub & Mould and nail polish in Radium. I would've got the others but I have a brown, I have an orange, I'm trying to be good I swear.
I was given a hefty 25% discount so I bought more than I intended. Everyone else was buying for their kits and I was buying for my own selfish, personal hoard... (it's no longer simply a stash or collection... it's becoming a little overwhelming for me).

While I was in town, as I had planned, I went to Inglot and could. not. resist. buying. all. of. THIS:

A neutral palette - 373 (matte white), 352 (matte pale peach), DS 465 (glittery brown), 378 (darker purpley brown with glitter), 65 (AMC, very glittery! I had put matte black on my palette but ended up with glittery because it was out of stock. I'm quite glad of that, now, though).

My bright palette - Top row the blue is the only one I can't find online in lists. It looks like 371 judging by the webpage but I don't have that one on my receipt I have another brown on there somehow... It's a matte bright blue (like Electric Eel from MAC), 372 (matte teal), 384 (matte green), AMC 51 (deep orange with glitter), AMC 74 (Raspberry/deep magenta with glitter), 388 (matte dark blue-purple/blueberry colour), 379 (matte dusty lavender purple),  AMC 59 (chartreause/lime, low glitter), 474 (matte true yellow with glitter), AMC Shine 28 (blue/purple glittery white).

And three waterproof gel liners 85 - yellow green, 84 - yellow and the piece de resistance 79 - red. Just look at that deep red eyeliner. It's my dream product. I haven't even used it yet and I LOVE it!

Now for a quick purple look I did earlier today. Inglot mattes blend like a dream. I thought Illamasqua ones were good (I own two and tried lots out at the SOMUA, but I love these even MORE)...

My base was UDPP and NYX jumbo pencil in milk (inner corner) and the Illamasqua cream pigment in Mould (blended with my Illamasqua blending brush number one in the crease). I also used Vow under my brow bone as instructed on the course and Inglot e/s 352 to set it.
I used the two purple shadows 388 & 379 along with my AMC Shine 28 in the inner corner.
I used my usual liquid liner, mascara and brow products, and my gold metallic liner from the Body Shop to draw attention to the outer corner.

I'll update about the course as soon as I can, thanks for looking.

Ruth xx


  1. how much were the inglot palettes?:)

  2. The gel liners were ten pounds each (that I know for sure), and I spent about a hundred and twenty pounds... I think? Around £50 for the ten pan and thirty for the five pan. Sorry I couldn't be more specific (I lost the receipt) x