Sunday, 6 March 2011

New Stuff! WW, Jeanius and an FOTD

My MAC order came on Friday. I was doing the dreaded 14 hr shifts at the time and got back from work exhausted at around midnight. I opened them and looked at them (of course) but didn't have time to try them out until today. I got Army of Amazons mascara, Mighty Aphrodite & Amazonian Princess blushes and Motorhead eyeshadow.

Now onto My Wonder Woman FOTD... (for want of a better title)

Eyes: UDPP, UD 24/7 liners in El Dorado (waterline), Graffiti (inner lid base) and Binge (outer lid base), Fyrinnae Leif e/s, Motorhead e/s, Illamasqua precision ink in Abyss and Bodyshop liquid liners in glitter (green) and metallic (gold). Mascara is Army of Amazons (which I LOVE!).

Face: Clinique Almost Make-up (a mixture of 1 and 3 - why didn't I just buy 2? Don't ask) and Illamaqua Rich Liquid foundation in 140 as concealer (I previously wrote that I use 130, but I was wrong... oops). Face powder is Clinique translucent and blusher is Amazonian Princess (both colours swirled together).

Lips: a mixture of strawberry Boots lipsalve and Russian Red lipstick from MAC, which I wish was in the Wonder Woman packaging!

Eye Close-ups:

I know this look is really really simple but I was just trying out my new goodies. Also, I'm not going anywhere today; I am sitting about luxuriating. Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchases. I didn't have many shimmery blushers and now I have what to me is an abundance. I've never tried a coloured mascara (well, only a dark blue one for hair when I was about 13, which didn't show up on my hair at all and clumped it up and was rubbish... anyone else remember those? I'm pretty sure it came free with J17 or Sugar magazine) and this one works for me pretty well. I find Motorhead blends really easily and it's just how I wanted it to be. The only thing that niggles at me is one day all the flocking and maybe the stud will disappear, so I tried to use it from the edge because I really like that gimmick (and I am just that sad, which is why I will keep that photo of it unused... so cute).

I don't know if anyone will read this far but it's embarassing me that I am following my own blog in GFC. If you know how I can unfollow myself, could you comment and tell me. Not only does it make me look self-interested, it is also annoying that my own posts pop up in my blogger reader thingy. I am so new to this. I need all the help I can get.

Ruthy x


  1. Oh how beautiful and amazing! This is a really gorgeous look and it suits you so well x x