Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Barry M Nail Paints

The Barry M Nail Paints I have in my little stash are L-R: Emerald Green, Spring Green, Mint Green and Blueberry. I got the latter too last Summer and have enjoyed wearing them a few times (4-5 times each colour). They look cute with polka dots over and whatnot. 
I know I'll be buying more of these little gems, as they're often on offer - 2 for £5. The most recent two I have acquired were 2 for a fiver AND free with my Boots points... which makes it even sweeter that I like the way they look on.

 Spring Green was my manicure for the past 3 days, no chips after two showers and hair washings, only slight tip wear. Such a lovely bright green. I can't wait for a day the day I'll wear Sugarpill Tipsy Chromalust on my eyes and this little beauty on my nails. I like matchy-matchy.

I just re-did the nails in Emerald Green and it's not as streaky as I thought it could possibly be. The others I usually need 2 coats only, this one I used three just to make sure it was opaque.

Ruth x

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  1. Love these greens! So nice for spring!