Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Blabby, blah-blah post with no photos...

Just a little ramble: I've managed to get tomorrow day time off and I am so relieved that I can stay in bed longer and shower at my leisure tomorrow. Bliss! I will also be painting my nails, and plan to post a review of the four Barry M Nail Paints that I have collected so far. I like my nails. A little girl at work over the weekend asked me if they were fake, what a compliment. That's not sarcasm... I do tend to have plastic-looking colours on, afterall.
I just had a little 'shopping spazz' (I know that's not P.C but 'tis my blog, what did you expect) and spent many pounds on four MAC items. I am such a sucker for a limited edition - if I've been waiting for it's release. But I resisted Peacocky and I resisted Mega-metal eyeshadows because I wanted the two Wonder Woman blushes and a coloured mascara. I also stuck the Motorhead Jeanius eyeshadow in, partly for the name and partly because it looks a lot like Deep Truth, which I have been fancying for a while. Could. Not. Resist. I'm clearly feeling impulsive today.
I would've had a bigger shop just now if I trusted Debenhams (who have 10% off their make-up online till Saturday - which now includes MAC... and includes MAC brushes, which I really want to try), but they messed up an order I made at Christmas and never sorted it out or apologised. So I try not to shop there anymore. But if anyone reads this, heads-up. 25% off loadsa stuff and 10% off Beauty... Not for me though.
Ruth x

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