Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Red & Green Spring eyes and some nail stuff.

I did this look about a week back and I might struggle to recall all the colours. I really like red and green together... so there! At the Illamasqua course they said 50's flick eyeliner should look like an almost straight line when your eyes are shut... I think I'm improving. 

Base: UDPP, NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk (inner corner) and Illamasqua cream pigment in Bedaub (pale mint green) under eye and on waterline.

On top lid - Urban Decay Heat (golden shimmering rusty red) with Inglot AMC 74 (matte Raspberry with glitter) in crease blended out with Inglot 352 (matte skin tone colour).

On lower lid - Fyrinnae's Jade Ghost (inner corner) and Anenome with a little Inglot 372 (matte teal) on outer corner.

Eyebrows: I *think* this was MAC Stud eyebrow pencil.

To finish off I used Illamasqua Precision Ink in Abyss as my liner, Boujois Volumizer mascara and my usual foundation (a mix of Illamasqua Rich Liquid in 140 and Clinique Almost Make-up in shade 1, set with Clinique translucent powder). I contoured with Sleek's contour/highlight set in light. It looks as if I used a little of the lighter half of MAC Mighty Aphrodite WW blush, but I might be wrong.

I've been having a nail loving and obsessing time recently. I have bought four new polishes in the last two weeks! Ut-oh. I got two new Illamasqua ones in an sale for about £10 (the two from Art of Darkness - Scarab and Viridian) At that price, how could I resist?

I also got a flakey topcoat back-up (my first *ever* nail polish back up) and green holographic colour from an ebay seller (Nubar 2010 - as a back-up for my Andrea Fullerton gemstone topcoat and Nubar Reclaim, the latter which I spotted in this post here and fell in love with.) These two arrived today and I have yet to try my new (and first ever) holographic little baby. I love it just that much... aaah!

I paint my nails every few days. As a bonus (or is it?), here is a photo of them. My excuse is 'I work in a children's museum - ok?!'

Illamasqua nail polishes in Alarm, Insanity, Wayward, Radium and Fern.

I need to sort my nail tags and dry cuticles out... Thanks for looking (if you did),

Ruth x


  1. Gorgeous look! I love the colour combo and your eyeliner looks really slick and shiny.

  2. Aw thanks Robyn, I love Precision Ink because if you use enough of it it dries with a glossy look :) x

  3. Oh, there's your GFC link!
    I wanted to follow earlier, but... *_*

    More colourful manicures, I say :D !

    (And oooh, is that a new haircut? Or is your hair just pulled back? Lovely if it is new, would be lovely cut if it's just pulled back and is lovely now.
    Got lost for a second there XD .)

  4. This look is BEAUTIFUL! Love the colors on you.

  5. Thanks guys :)

    @Ana - Sometimes my fringe gets out of control and I push it to the side but the rest of it is just tied back. I'd love to cut it short, but the last time I had a bob/shorter hair I was a chubby 10 year old and it did NOT look good. Haha.

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  7. As I said multiple times - lovely :D .

    Oh, and I'm a huge fan of bobs, so if you ever choose to go for it, you have a supporter over here :) .

  8. Ana - Maybe I'll dare have a bob... one day. I have this fantasy where I would look like Amelie a little bit with a bob and be all french and chic. But alas my hair is a mess!! x