Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Free stuff! Gothique's Cheery and Cherry Inglot giveaway

Last month Grey at Le Gothique had a Spring giveaway and the original randomly generated winner didn't claim their prize so it was redrawn and... I won! Yay! Today, whilst patiently awaiting the arrival of my new goodies, and jealously watching Leesha open loads of boxes of awesome stuff, the postman dropped this through my letterbox. Really... you can't make these things up, but it's uncanny how often things coincide. I had nearly forgotten I won this, truth be told. Thankfully, when the postman dropped it through the letterbox nothing smashed either. Free and not smashed... double bonus!

Inglot eyeshadows in Matte 362, DS 461 and DS 496, Nail varnish 337 and Sleeks cream lip gloss 97. The gloss smells DIVINE so it will be used even though I'm not a gloss person. And I don't have any creamy pink polishes (only one pink at all if you count a very disappointing sheer jelly pink from Illamasqua called Demure) so this will be a lovely neutral/"wearable" for my ridiculously loud nail polish collection.

The only weird bit is I picked that brown myself in my neutral palette when I visited London. But I do love it, so having two is not really a bad thing... right? *Greedy*

Ruth x

Edit: PS Also, this will be a great little travelling eyeshadow set as the matte pink eyeshadow will work as a fabulous blush. I feel spoilt. 


  1. Cuuuute! Lucky you, that's a cute little set!

  2. Congrats on winning ^_^ !