Tuesday, 26 April 2011

ANOTHER work look... and some personal make-up story-times.

I used my Inglot neutral colours (the two browns and the peachy skin-tone) over Soft Ochre paintpot from MAC in these pictures. I have to say I think the texture of Inglot shadows is so finely milled that it doesn't crease as badly for me as other shadows do on this creamy base. I suppose it clings on better. I added Inglot AMC matte gel liners in bright green and yellow for a hint of colour on the waterline.

I know this is not the most exciting make-up but it's how I roll at the moment. Simple and easy... I also need to wash my make-up brushes (why do I always wait until they're ALL used?) 

I have a few purchases coming through the post as I type, which may mean I start reviewing things. Some stuff from brands I already love (Clinique, MAC and Urban Decay) and some are from brands I've never tried (NARS - with help from the diet coke £5 off asos.com codes - and e.l.f. - because I noticed their studio range was out here) I don't feel knowledgable enough about whole ranges from make-up brands to say what's good and bad, so I don't suppose I'll review them. But I feel a little post about my new goodies coming on, for sure.

I'm getting impatient, it's been a million bank holidays! Come on Royal Mail...get your arses into gear!

How about a little personal history. I bought my first MAC eyeshadow around about precisely eight years ago and incase you are wondering it was Beauty Marked. I still have it, rarely use it. It's probably germy, as I put my fingers in it a lot. I didn't know about make-up brushes, I was 16. I was having a *dark* purple phase and talked my mother into it at the MAC counter in Harvey Nichols, Leeds, because I'd heard Dita Von Teese wore MAC. I never really knew how to use it and mostly wore black liquid eyeliner as a homage to the lady (and ocassionally blush).

As for other brands, my mum uses Clinique so I'm quite familiar with their skincare and mascara from free gifts she'd pass down to me (and ''borrowing'' hers). It was about four years ago when I started to branch off into more colourful things. This goes for clothes as well, as I pretty much wore entirely black for about 7 years, ocassionally with an orange or red cardigan or maybe some dark green tights, and there was a phase of brightly coloured plastic jewelry, purchased mostly in vintage shops. It was about three years ago I got Urban Decay primer potion for the first time.

Overall, I am new to this obsession and I still get excited to try brands. I cannot WAIT for my NARS blusher. I ordered Taj Mahal as I love my peachy blushes so much. I love blushes fullstop. I know it's bright orange and very shimmery, so it's something hard to dupe (or so I like to say to justify it to myself). I was tempted by Exhibit A, and as the vouchers don't run out for another month or so, I may break down and buy more. I have no self-control afterall.

Anyway, I'd better go wash those brushes (this has turned into a full-on diary entry, which is not my usual!)...

Ruth x


  1. I love make-up history! It's odd when you think of all your past little beauty revelations! I love the green waterline, so cute! I'll have to try that :)