Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Have I told you lately...

...that I love love love Sugarpill?!

I used my favourite blue eyeshadow OF ALL TIME, that's Sugarpill chromalust loose-eyeshadow in Royal Sugar, as a liner, this week. I had seen plenty of people use it as a liner on blogs, and have used it wet (with water) myself before for a dramatic all over lid colour. And also as a giant Amy Winehouse style liner. That method always flaked/went patchy after a few hours and ruined the intensity so I knew I'd need to get a mixing medium of some kind for longevity. Now it's a few months later and I have, in the form of Illamasqua sealing gel.

I almost forgot I had been given this in my goodie bag from the SOMUA... oops. It was languishing in a drawer, unloved. Now, I need it. I'll be wearing more Sugarpill chromalusts this way. It's a simple and easy (yet jazzy) work look. I think people expected black winged eyeliner from a distance, hence the surprise and the comments. It's so vibrant.

Not everyone comments on my make-up at work, but this day EVERYONE did. Seriously. Everyone from customers at the information desk, co-workers, my boss and a little girl said - and I quote - ''I like your eyeshadow... it's a bit much.'' Awesome! I wore this simply with black mascara, lightly filled eyebrows and Illamasqua cream blusher in Rude. No foundation... it was too warm that day! Imagine that, warm in April in England. It's a miracle!

Ruthy x

I haven't had any chocolate eggs this Easter (BOO!!) but I did have some beautiful chocolate cake courtesy of my motherload. Thanks Mum!


  1. OhmyGOD. I've been lemming SP for a while but was umming and ahhing. THIS IS INSANE!

  2. YOU NEEEEEEEEED IT haha. But really, Royal Sugar is my top blue.

  3. Wow, gorgeous. I sometimes forget how bold a single bright color can be. Thanks for reminding me!

  4. And I love, love, love this look of yours :O !