Thursday, 21 April 2011

EOTD turned into EOTN

I fancied a neutral eye for work yesterday. I used various colours from the UD Naked palette and my Illamasqua cream blusher in rude.
I've moved on to using the Strawberry Rose & Co lipbalm (I had temporarily misplaced my Vanilla & Honey one, but don't worry I found it again) and, apart from the fact that it melts completely and utterly to liquid if I keep it in my trouser pockets, I love it.

To update it for some after work drinks I filled in my brows with the two matte browns from the Sleek Paraguaya palette and used the two darkest colours from my Inglot neutrals palette to darken the crease. Inglot red matte gel-liner on the waterline. (Inglot product numbers are listed in this post).
 I've never really been a day-to-night person (I'll either only wear make-up at night or re-do make-up entirely for the evening) but I thought this was quite cool. Bright red waterlines I realise are not to everyone's taste but I personally love red. Nobody gets conjunctivitis that deep and opaque, right?

Today when I washed my hair I decided I was sick of the trimming process with my blunt, 50's, wannabe-Bettie fringe and so for now I am growing it out. I can always change my mind this way.

Ruth x

P.S I just (20 mins ago... well it is my pay-day afterall /excuse) had a make-up splurge on a Debenham's 10% off sale forgetting that I hated their service last time I used it (back in December). They better not mess me about this time. I'm pretty excited about what I purchased but I'll do a post about it when it gets here.


  1. :o I LOVE that red waterline!

  2. Thanks Robyn :D
    The only problem I find with these Inglot liners is they sometimes flake a little on the waterline, so it's patchy after a few hours.