Thursday, 28 April 2011

Two Naked palette eye-looks and more exciting news...

This first eye-look I just discovered from earlier in April. Seems I didn't think this work make-up was exciting enough to post at the time but in retrospect I like it, even though the eyeliner wasn't particularly neat and if I recall, neat eyeliner was the whole point. They told us practice, practice, practice at the SOMUA, and since liquid eyeliner is my first make-up love (have worn it most days for nine years, no less) you'd think I'd have it perfected. Well... no.
I believe I used the two matte browns from Urban Decay's Naked Palette in my crease, as well as Virgin as an inner-corner highlight. I know I used Sugarpill Chromalust in Tiara on the lid.
I look sleepy in that photo, huh? No idea what else I used, but since I'd just got back from London probably my one and only Illamasqua cream blush in Rude.

Today I used my MAC brow pencil in Stud (I had forgotten how much I love this, it lasts all day), Urban Decay liners in Stray dog and Whiskey, which I got with my Naked palette back in August when it was first released on but I have not used it until today! Toasted on the lid, matte browns in Naked and Buck in the crease and Virgin as inner highlight here the same as the first look.
I also used my MAC Posey cremeblend blush today and am very glad it is indeed quite different from Illamasqua's cream blush in Rude. It was a much more pink and rich coral on my cheeks, whereas Rude is definately a brighter orangey peach colour.

Now onto my good news. Yesterday I received a free Inglot giveaway gift from Grey and was thinking about coincidences in that I was watching a haul video and wanting some free stuff. I later went online to check my emails and read some blogs wherein discovering I had won a Guerlain powder from a giveaway at Lillith's Dark Tower.

I would like to take this moment to say that I never win things. Even in win everytime tombolas at fairs, I would usually get the duff prize. We're talking scented candles all the scent has evaporated from, ripped books, I think I got some wine once when I was a sunburned twelve year old. Anyway, now I know how exciting and sweet and amazing it is to receive gifts from bloggers, I think when I get more followers I'll put together a little giveaway myself. How about that?!

Ruth x

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