Friday, 6 May 2011

F-You Bobbi Brown! EOTD

I've nearly finished my bargain Bobbi Brown book. I've never tried her products but judging from reviews I've seen on, I didn't think she'd be so anti-shimmer, anti-colour and anti-fun!! I suppose the 80's had just ended and she wanted people to go back to a more classic beauty - without the blue mascara and highly frosty eyeshadows that were popular back then - but it reads to me like she's a make-up nazi. She thinks, for example, that people with blue eyes should not wear blue eyeshadow. She actually says at one point "Don't wear blue and green eyeshadow together". 

Besides, all the make-up in there is big pouty brown 90's lips and blunt kohl liner. Yes, I broke all your rules today, Bobbi. And I enjoyed it.

I used:
Base: UDPP and 24/7 liner in Mildew (under green shadow)
Eyeshadows: MAC Venomous Villains l/e Mineralize eyeshadow duo in She Who Dares (green half on lid), NARS Rated R duo (blue half, in crease). Darkened with shimmery black Inglot AMC 65. Inner-corner highlight was my white frosty Make-up academy shadow. Blended the edges with matte skintone Inglot 352.
Liner: tightlined with Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Perversion (something Bobbi says will damage my eyes and also make them look smaller... ooh I don't know which is worse! /sarcasm) and UD 24/7 liner in Graffiti (lower lid).
Foundation: Illamasqua Rich Liquid foundation in 140 (as concealer), Clinique Almost Make-up in 01 Fair, Clinique translucent powder.
Blush: MAC Wonder Woman l/e Mighty Aphrodite blush (both colours swirled together).
Brows: lightest brown from Sleek Paraguaya palette (I lost the plastic insert with names on already!)
Mascara: Boujois Volumizer

Ruth x


  1. I think Bobbi's products are of good quality, but I just find her SO BORINGGGG! Every collection is pretty much the same, and her makeup rule books kinda piss me off because it's just don't do this-don't do that. You are rocking this look, keep it up!~!!

  2. This looks great! I like how you don't cater to the 'rules'- since when is makeup not meant to be fun!

    Becca x

  3. I think makeup is art and art does not follow any rules. For a sophisticated work-approriate look Bobbi Brown's instructions are not wrong but they are not to my liking.
    Your look is fabulous!

  4. Your look is gorgeous. I have her make-up manual, and while it's a pretty good reference book I have to admit she is a make-up Nazi! All her promos are SO. FREAKING. DULL. The whole no-blue-shadow thing is total BS as well, she puts blue eyeshadow on a model in her book!!!

  5. Haha love your replies everyone thank you so much :)
    I've not yet tried Bobbi Brown products but was tempted by her brights palette at a CCO once! She lies, she lies! I suppose she changed her mind.

  6. It's so much more fun to break the rules ;)

  7. I love it! The rules were meant to be broken :)

  8. Thanks Stephtee and Phyrra. I'm glad you agree! x