Monday, 30 May 2011

I had a weekend off work!

I had this weekend booked off work, which was lucky since I was very bunged up, my head was so sore! I ended up calling in sick on Friday, but managed to catch up with an old friend from Uni for an afternoon Breakfast on Saturday. On Sunday I volunteered painting faces at a local farm. It rained. I didn't get to paint many faces (less than ten). But I did enjoy it and buy some lovely raspberry jam and a giant bulb of garlic from the farm shop.

As I've been ill, my face has been really dry as well as chapped under my nose from all the blowing (today at work I ended up with a nosebleed - only my second ever nosebleed - from so much blowing!) and I have been using Oilatum face cream on it, which is helping greatly. I've also been avoiding foundation, but powdering over my face with my new baby (my prize, my love) my Guerlain Mythic Parfait pressed meteorites powder. I tried to freshen my face up a bit with NARS Albatross highlight powder and MAC Venomous Villains blush in Bite of an Apple.

Now, I may be ill but I am still painting my nails. My nail polish collection is growing at a rapid rate. It seems to be my focus this month (like NARS blushes were last month). Here are some photos from the last few days.

 I put a little of my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer over the worst of the redness. It all rubbed off later on with my runny snozz but at least I looked presentable when I left the house... eat this gargantuan 'Full full veggie breakfast'

 Thought I should wear some colour on my eyes to entice the kiddys. And yes, the exact same outfit. 
Don't judge me.

 I updated my OPI DS Sapphire mani with Illamasqua Rare on the tips. Raw! Oh no sorry, Rare.

 I swear it was an accident that my sister and her boyfriend ended up in hi-vis jackets on the farm that matched it perfectly. I just wanted high-contrast and to try out my new toy.
Maybe I'm psychic.

 Lunchtime break for tea and sandwiches...

 I changed from Rare to Collide for today at work. I had a fair few compliments on it at the ticket desk (whatever takes the attention off my face!)

This evening I've added Andrea Fullerton gemstone topcoat for an update. 
Flakies look good over everything.

Hope you had a good weekend too, thanks for following,
Ruth x


  1. Your face on the nail photo - priceless!
    (The nail look itself is a treat.)

  2. I was trying my best not to look as ill as I felt. I think it worked! Neon nails cheer me up on a rough day. Now I just need a good neon orange and a good neon green :) x

  3. Illamasqua Gamma, I presume :D ?