Friday, 27 May 2011

Three things (rambling post)

I've been off work ill today. So really should I blog? Probably not. I have a really bad cough/sore throat, it's all dry and sand-papery and comes along with a headache, earache, dizziness and hot and cold flushes... I'm really selling it to you! You're so jealous. At least I don't have chickenpox like my nineteen year old brother (although we're all a bit worried as it turns out you can get chickenpox twice, although I did have it badly as a toddler, as my splayed-out from a scar right-eyelashes attest, which means I should be ok).

I just wanted to share a couple of things I've been thinking about, and write a little bit about some recent purchases. Number one: Urban Decay primer potion in Eden.

My second 'genie-tube' of primer potion has been drying out and needing replacing for a while now. I have a mini-tube that came with the Naked palette, which I have yet to use. The paint on this run of the product seems to be extra flakey - my first bottle didn't do this and I kept it in the exact same make-up bag and if anything travelled more with it... I don't understand why it chips now. Maybe it used to be coloured plastic instead of lilac-painted-on-top-of-white plastic, I can't recall.
Anyway, during the 10% off event at Debenhams recently I spotted that this had been released in the UK in tube form (you should've seen me, I was too excited) so I picked Eden just to see if I prefer it's opaque finish. I considered Sin but thought it perhaps wasn't as versatile, being so shimmery. Anyway, it'll be tubes, not bottles, of UDPP for me from now on. Woohoo! Will probably find the best pot to depot my mini-tube in before it gets all gammy on me like this big tube did.

Number two:

Although I will always love eye make-up, nail colours were my first love and nails will probably be my most enduring love always and forever. But in all seriousness, ever since I was four and my mother bought me my first beauty product, a Tinkerbell nail polish in bright pink that ended up making a giant stain on the living room rug, I have been hooked. And now I read nail blogs, and I see colours, and I must have them! I had to have Nubar Reclaim (a holo green) when I saw Chloe's Nails mention it, and again with this little beauty OPI DS Sapphire (which was also the only OPI Designer series holographic polish I could find for under a tenner in the UK, which was lucky as it was what I was after.) Look at it shine!
This polish took four layers to be almost opaque (I can see nail line on about four nails, some of my nail ends are whiter than others, for which I have no explanation!) I used my usual Essie Good to Go topcoat, which doesn't seem to have dulled the rainbow effect. I now know from experience with Reclaim that holos aren't particularly long-wearing without a layer of topcoat so it had to be done. These pictures were taken this morning, I haven't been to work with this on so it's stayed pretty neat. Today a batch of five more Illamasqua polishes (which I got for 25% off with a discount code) arrived and I am thrilled. I now have 18 Illamasqua polishes alone. Might have to start a spin-off blog about nails (j/k... I hope!)

Thirdly, my Guerlain prize from Lillith's dark tower arrived today! It is a beautiful face/highlighting powder in Mythic Parfait. Since I'm off work I haven't worn make-up today (I don't feel up to it), but it looks simply beautiful and I feel so spoilt. The only other Guerlain product I know about is my mother's Aqua Allegoria (I hope I spelled this right) Pampelune perfume, which smells delicious when I steal a spritz. This smells delicious too (although flowery, whereas the perfume is citrussy to my nose). Anyway, can't wait to try it out.

I hope nobody else is as ill as my lot! It's paracetamol and an early night for me this Friday...

Ruthy x


  1. Get well soon, love your sparkly nails x

  2. frist of all get well soon!
    girl, I'm so happy your pracel arrived. honestly I was really worried that it got lost.
    hopefully you like the guerlain powder and the brush and thank you again for following my blog.

  3. I love the powder and the brush! I needed a travelling face brush for touch ups! Thank you so much :) xx