Thursday, 5 May 2011

Little shopping spree.

Today I saw that MAC Surf Baby was out. All I particularly wanted was the teal nail polish so today I set out to my local Boots to find a teal cream polish for a cheaper price! I wasn't going to pay 10 pounds for a nail polish and 2.95 postage. No ta, MAC.

I found a teal in the new 17 Supreme Shine range. It is called "Wave". It claims to last up to ten days, I already know it won't... but the colour is pretty. As it's 3 for the price of 2 on all cosmetics at Boots at the minute, I also repurchased my Holy Grail liquid liner Boujois liner clubbing in Ultra Black because I noticed today that my Illamasqua Precision Ink is running out and I just don't love it enough to spend that kind of money to replace it. My third choice was an old favourite (not HG, just had it a few times in the past and liked it) the Maybelline great lash. I've already got two mascaras to try, so this will be saved for after my Illamasqua Volume Mascara and Rimmel Lash Accelerator.

I've been using Simple facewipes for make-up removal for years but I'm always looking to find new ones. These Johnson's fragrance free wipes were 2 for £4. While I'm on the subject I'm currently using Simple Spot Clearing wipes, and though I like them, it feels like they're quite drying around my eyes. As my only other make-up removers at the minute are a MAC one, which I also find drying, and a super-duper cheap Boots one (from the basics fragrance-free range) which is slightly greasy but really good at removing mascara, I'm going back to standard wipes. On the plus side, my time of the month break-outs seem to be at a minimum.

I decided to buy Botanic's soothing eye make-up remover as I've seen it recommended in blogs and on youtube. It's only around £4 pounds and is one of those half-oil, half-waterbased liquid ones. Clinique have a similar one that I absolutely adore but this is much MUCH cheaper and here's hoping a new favourite, too. 

The other products I purchased today were Oilatum natural repair facecream and Pond's cold cream. I have some samples of Oilatum's body cream which is really rich and lovely, and I have used their scalp shampoo for about 5 years (I have a really weird scalp, it's complicated). The other reason I decided to get this is it's always out of stock because Pixiwoo recommended it and I wanted in on the action. Why not?
The cold cream I have heard mentioned in everything from crime novels (particularly, it first came to my attention in John Gilmore's Severed, a very grusome account of the Black Dahlia murder. You see, Elizabeth Short herself used cold cream to take off her cake make-up, don'tcha know. Yeah, I'm lame /derail)
to youtube videos by lovely ladies such as daisynation.

I checked out Superdrug too, just to see what offers they had on and if they had any new Sleek stuff. Turned out they had an offer of two pounds off when you bought two Sleek true-colour lipsticks. The truly orangey-peach shade I swatched and wanted was sold out (isn't it always the way with Sleek!?) but the two I did get I already love. They are matte shades in Papaya Punch (coral red) and Mystic (bright violet). This is a fun way for me to try out lipsticks, and they're actually really high quality. I might have to go back for the bright pink and a dark red, too!

I spent a couple of minutes browsing a charity shop and this LEAPT out at me. As it was only two pounds I figured I got myself a (quite heavy to carry back from town) bargain! Yay!

A super-bright EOTD is coming up later on,
 Ruth x

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