Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Nars and Nails!

Yay! My first ever NARS products arrived today. I may buy more because it was instant true love. I collected a fair few five pounds voucher codes from Diet Coke, what can I say they sell it where I work and I love money off. I used one each for these two, saving myself £10. They were still expensive, but only MAC/Illamasqua levels. Not quite so high end with the money off. And worth every penny in my opinion.

I got NARS powder blush in Taj Mahal and eyeshadow duo in Rated R.
Taj Mahal was a little bit crumbly in one corner, it's true that asos don't package as well as Illamasqua and MAC (and other make-up specific websites), thankfully Rated R was undamaged!

Taj Mahal goes with my camera!

Rated R goes with my nails!
I now have so many blue and bright green eyeshadows (they're my favourites!) I'm feeling a series of swatch posts coming on, if only for my own personal reference. I'm not sure how unique these are to my collection, but we shall see!

Bonus manicure: I attempted a colourful freehand french-tip using Inglot nail polish 337 and Illamasqua Scarab.

It was my first time using each of these nail colours and I love them. The Inglot colour is so opaque! Sorry about my perpetual hang nails and thick cuticles. I need to find a nail treatment that works, any recommendations anyone?

Ruthy x


  1. hey hun. thanks for dropping by. yes, they do sell mac on amazon and no it`s not fake. I`ve tried it. I wouldn`t reccommend products that are horrible or fake to my friends and viewers darling. :)

  2. That's good to know. Sorry, didn't mean any offense, they don't sell MAC on amazon in the uk at least. Seen a lot of new fakes around recently (MAC, Benefit and Too Faced) including MAC Lady Gaga Viva Glam eye pencils, which was novel!

  3. Oh I'm not offended at all. I like honest and forward people with opinions and I appreciate feedbacks. I'm like that myself.

    I'm not sure if the title is misleading and if they actually send 7 or 9. There seems to be no way I can find out..I'm new to it all and yes, a friend told me to join the associates program..but what you're telling me is making me nervous to be honest, I might just cancel. But what I ordered I received 7 and they are real to me because I have other color pigments that I purchased at the MAC store here in my city, and I compared and they are exact same results. so that's why I believe in them and was confident. but after reading your comments..I did a little research and read customers reviews and it doesn't sound so good. I'm a little confuse now. I was confident because i used the product, before I join and what I received is real. I'm not sure what to think at the moment, but I surely don't want ppl purchasing fake products, even if it's cheaper..

  4. Hmmm... I feel like as long as it's a fair price and you're happy with the products it can't matter too much! I've had some fake MAC before that my mum bought for me because someone offered it to her at work (a set of eyeshadows - which I knew straight away was fake because it didn't have names for each separate shadow, a lipstick, a face powder, mascara and some brushes). Infact she came to me the other day with a list of Benefit, MAC and Chanel products from the same work friend and some of them were named really weird things (like the pencil set)... that was when I had to admit all that the other stuff had been fake and I'd thrown it away. The brushes were alright, I still use them sometimes.

    Anyway, It seems people bulk buy faked make-up (sometimes even quite convincing and nicely packaged) from China and make a good profit. I wouldn't worry about people buying products from links you post, it was their choice afterall! x