Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Nails - trying out a new Illamasqua and a couple from Color Club

 I finally tried out Illamasqua Baptiste and I love it. It's more obviously blue than their other dark blue Propaganda, which sometimes looks black on me. The blue flecks catch the light even if they're not glittering (does that make sense?) and it sort of glows blue. It gives off blue vibes. I really loved it!

After a couple of days I got bored though and decided to add Color Club Covered in Diamonds. 

I got it from and delivery was super fast and amazing. I found this previously on ebay for about seven pounds plus postage, and I found it at other online nail supply shops in the UK for about 6.50 (plus postage). At 8ty8beauty they're three dollars. All the colours. Even with postage from the USA, this worked out cheaper. I got six colours - including postage this cost me just over £20. It was very good indeed.
It was a total nightmare to remove. Argh! But sort of worth it. 

Then I tried Color Club Wild at Heart, which didn't look as holo in the bottle as I had seen it in swatches online. Whatever. I had heard their polishes were getting less and less holo (there's not enough pigments to go around :( ) It still looked pretty...

Then yesterday it was quite sunny and the holo finally came out to play!

It's more of a scattered, orange dominated holo but I really loved wearing it. You could see all the colours of the rainbow, but it's still more subtle than my most holo-holo so far (which is OPI DS Sapphire). I also bought a couple of other supposedly holo polishes to try, including Color Club Worth the Risque and A-England Tristam. I'll post more about those when I've tried them out.

Bonus: more about my cats for those who asked. I only noticed this when I cropped it, but you can see Malcolm's head at the bottom (he is a black and white stray we took in from the streets about two years back). Isobelle is in my arm (one handed while I snapped this). She only tolerates Malcolm and hates all others, especially the tiny black cat that visits sometimes. She's so chubby and cuddly ^.^ We took her off the hands of a pregnant lady who had too many pets and couldn't cope around about exactly ten years ago. She was halfway between a cat and a kitten at the time, about six months old. So she's ten and a half.
/crazy cat lady.

Ruth x


  1. I love the purple holo polish , it's so gorgeous . I need to check Color Club , :D


  3. Luna - their formula is really good in my experience so far, well worth the money. I only needed two thin coats for full coverage.

    Robyn - :D GET IT.

  4. Wah, your nail polish posts are bad for my bank account and de-cluttering! Yet another one I have succumbed to (Covered in Diamonds!!).