Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sleek Monaco I-Divine palette (+ 2 EOTD's)

I couldn't resist this palette... So much so I used it before I photographed it. But you're not here for product photos, right? So far I especially love the matte dark blue (Midnight Garden) and matte burgundy red/brown (Moors Treasure). There are some really unusual colours in here, and I appreciate the different textures and the broad colour range. Most people know that the cheapness of these makes them a nice little pick me up... they're about £6.50 for twelve shadows. Sometimes I bemoan that I can't get Wet n Wild eyeshadows or the full range of Sally Hansen nail colours (just to pluck two examples out of the air). But then I remember that Sleek is available to me and breathe a sigh of relief (not really, but I'm almost this bad).

I bought this when I bought the bleach for my hair, because I knew it had just been released. As usual, my local Superdrug didn't have the blush - not sure if it sells out fast or if they don't get any stock. They had the tester and that was that :(

I wore this palette for the past two days at work, and for me it's the most versatile of the Sleek palettes I have - Acid, Sunset and Paraguaya (although I have considered all of them at some point or another, and will probably buy more in the future). The one I wish I hadn't passed up was Circus, but I was buying so many higher end shadows at that time, I thought it'd go to waste. (It's better to have loved and lost and all that.)

Now onto the make-up...

Saturday I wore the matte light blue (Summer Breeze) over Illamasqua cream pigment in Bedaub (which kinda turned it very very pale green... next time I'll use Jumbo Pencil in Milk), Bamboo to blend and highlight inner corner (matte cream colour, my first matte cream and very useful!), Midnight Garden in the crease, Sunset (a rich metallic copper) on the lower lash line, over UD 24/7 liner in Baked, and a little of Moors Treasure to darken the outer corner. Thick black liquid liner and mascara finished the look.

Today I used Lotus Flower (a frosty lilac) on the inner corner and lid (over UDPP and a dab of Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy), Aquamarine (a satin - almost matte - teal) in the crease and Kiwi Zest (a metallic lime) on the lower lash line. Black mascara and liner to finish.

Have you bought this palette? Do you want it (sir?! Suits you sir! ... I'm in a silly mood, I'll go now...)
Ruth x

Oooh PS. I have used the No7 SPF 50 facecream a few times now and I think it's really lovely. I'll probably buy another bottle with one of my vouchers, because at £6 it's sooo cheap. It doesn't seem to make my nose oily (which a lot of things do), and I like it very much.


  1. It's such a fun palette . Mine is on the way :D
    Lovely looks too !

  2. I haven't bought it yet, but you can make sure I will! I am trying to collect all the palettes from Sleek so I have something to play with once I go back to US :)

    Are you going to be coming to Bloggers meet up in London?

    If you are, I just might sneak you some wet n wild eyeshadow or Sally Hansen nail polish... just saying you know ;P :P

  3. Your hair looks SO adorable. I went into my Superdrug to get the blush the day it was released at lunchtime and there were only two left, so they do sell out really fast. I didn't get the palette but you're making me question my decision now!

  4. Luna: I am sure you'll love it, I still think it's my favourite one (I wore it again today). Can't wait for the next one!

    Lyuba: No :( If there was one in early september then that would be good... bum. I didn't know there was one then. Heee nice offer though.

    Robyn: Thank you. And I'm glad it's not only me :| Might go further afield to look for that blush, I always miss out on them. Boo!

  5. LOL too late now, I just bought you two ColorIcon trios. WHOOOOPS.... What are we gonna do now? ;P :P

  6. Pah! Easy access to Sleek makes me jealous. I'd definitely trade access to Wet n Wild for that!

  7. Lyuba! Ah! What can I give you in return? xx

  8. ps Bekka ooh thanks for following, that's flattering :)

    It's sort of easy access to Sleek... I mean, if I ordered online I could get all the blushes I missed out on but - gah! It sells out so fast! And you get Hard Candy and Physicians Formula... all these brands I want to try!! xx

  9. Your soul lol? Ok, j/k. Just email me your address and I'll send them to you. (red_lyuba at

    Btw, I agree that Physician Formula totally RULES. I miss it so much, they don't sell it on base :( So if I want it, I'll have to order online, which is not a problem in itself, but it is so much more fun to buy stuff in person!