Friday, 1 July 2011

Blue Hair second day and NOTD

Today, my second full day of bluedom, I decided to blue my eyebrows. I used Illamasqua matte eyeshadow in Sadist. I might try my darkest matte blue from the Sleek mediteranean palette tomorrow, or a wet pigment. We'll see. It's fun to experiment. 

Today I had some twirled up/faux victory rolls at my temples for work and it made pretty curls when I took  it out. Oooh! The possibilities.

Now some backstory: I wanted blue hair since I was about 15. Finally got blue streaks at 16. It went all wrong, it went funny and patchy. It was meant to be an electric blue colour, but because my hair hadn't bleached evenly (from where it'd been dyed black) it went white in places, violet, yellow, brown and a tiny bit of my desired blue. The only other unnatural colours I ever had were red and purple (only a few streaks at 14-15, in the summer so I didn't get in trouble at my strict catholic school... the idiots). Anyway, so far I love having blue hair.

Blue Hair Inspirations 

Zoetica Ebb - illustrator, photographer, model, -beautiful person!- (of Biorequiem)
Shrinkle (Amy of my favourite -favourite- eyeshadow brand Sugarpill)

And I don't know who this is but it makes me want my Bettie fringe back. Ha!

Since my hands (and even my toenails!) got all stained purpley blue from the dye (I should've washed it out over the bath first!), I painted my nails with a-england's Tristam for the first time. It's very gently holographic and very sparkly dark blue and pretty. Many of my favourite things.
This is two coats but I could've managed it with one. It covers up my stained nails perfectly and it hasn't chipped in three days, bonus.

I have a gram of Specktra flair and three empty polish bottles, I plan on whipping up my own franken-holos some time next week. Watch this space, 
Ruth x


  1. Omg! this is fab! I love the nail polish you're wearing! :) It's absolutely gorgeous xx

  2. AAAAHHHH YOUR HAIR IS HOT, it looks great, lady!

  3. Ooooh I love that shade! Hope it sticks well. Blue and my hair never got along :(

  4. Your hair came out great!! I used to have magenta streaks...but now that I'm nursing school, I can't do stuff like that anymore :( The blue is just amazing!!

  5. The blue hair suits you so well!


  7. :) thanks everybody.

    Bekka - I haven't dared wash it yet. Yes, I am that dirty. Dry shampoo all the way. I am already thinking the fringe needs redying, I found a little patch that didn't take it so well, must remember to comb through the dye next time >.<

  8. I adore you haircolor! It's dazzling on you. Good job.

  9. I so want bright teal blue hair, ever since i wore that colour in a wig for a photoshoot. Your blue choice suits you so well.

    How much did the gram of spectraflair cost you? the ebay site selling the stuff is only selling huge amounts at silly (i mean many many zeros after a number silly) amounts.

  10. Wow that is awesome hair you have, it suits you so well, including the eyebrows! x