Friday, 1 July 2011

I'm a blunette and Liz Earle cleanse and polish

I tried to upload better photos of my hair but my computer does not want to play today. Oh dear. Hope it's nothing serious. Here is the only photo worth posting of my hair. Also, check out how light it got (I was so not meant to be blonde) and what it looked like when I let the vegetable dyes (Special Effects Blue Velvet and Electric Blue) sit on my head for four hours. I dyed it on Wednesday, so I haven't seen how it's going to fade with washing. I read reviews and decided these two blues were best as they should fade purpley hues, not green. Luckily I've been reading hairdyeforum, for advice. They are all so friendly and helpful and knowledgable (two ands!) that if you need hair advice, I say ask them! 

I ordered the dyes, bleach, clips etc from beeunique - the sister site of hairdyeforum. It was a pain free transaction, amazing, I recommend them.

Yes, that is my face with no make-up. 

On that note, I actually avoided spots this month for the first time in months and months (maybe even a year). About a month ago Elle magazine offered two Liz Earle cleanse and polish starter packs (2 x 100ml bottles and 4 x face cloths) as the freebie with a 6 month subscription to Elle (only £10). I looked at it as trying out a new and promising facewash for less than RRP and getting six free magazines to boot. 
Lo and behold, now I am in love and hooked and addicted and (three ands!) will need to buy this from now on (bad for bank balance, great for skin). It smells divine and feels amazing. I've been using it for about two weeks. I am also using facewipes to take any make-up off my skin first, 
but it can take make-up off too I just prefer it that way. 

My skin has never felt better but then I've only ever inconsistantly tried my mums Clinique 3-step from samplers (as well as some of their lotions and potions and whatnot) and cheaper brands like Clean & Clear and Biore. I love this. I thought I might like it. But I love it. I use it once a day at night, they recommend 2x daily. What can I say, I'm a rebel. Rebel without a spot (?! terrible attempt at wordplay, there.)

I'll show some better photos soon (when the computer complies) but there you go. I gots blue hair.

Marge Simpson xox 
(j/k it's still Ruth)


  1. Wowowowow! Wow! I'm going to try really hard not to make awful blue puns like ... this really blue me away. Shit, unavoidable. This is super rad though. I miss the days when my hair was crazy colors like magenta and blue. You really pull this off. You look like an anime character. Kawaii!

  2. At least you were smart enough to take your make up off before washing the dye out of your hair, I look like Alice Cooper right now. Mega jealous of how bright your hair has turned out, the shower cap idea is genius. :)

  3. OH MY GOD. This blue me... aw, crap, Meredith already went there :(

  4. Hee I love blue puns. Thanks guys :D