Thursday, 30 June 2011

Wet n Wild Cool as a Cucumber EOTD + NOTD

I used UDPP in Eden, the Wet n Wild Cool as a Cucumber eyeshadow palette (all three colours), along with UD 24/7 liner pencil in Perversion (blackest black) and Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara (also in black, this mascara has certainly got better with age). 
I haven't been wearing much eye make-up recently - I've been dying my hair and doing my nails a lot. I used my usual foundation/concealer (Laura Mercier Oil-Free tinted moisturizer in Porcelain with Clinique powder/Collection 2000 cheapo concealer aka most awesome concealer in Light). Blush was Illamasqua cream blush in Rude. This palette was not the most pigmented eyeshadow ever but over a base I know they'd work amazingly as they blend really well.

I wore this nail look for all of a day before I messed it up/dyed it blue/got tissue stuck on in cleaning hairdye off my face with polish remover. It is Maybelline express finish in 'Outloud Lime'. It claims to dry in 50 seconds and with a basecoat, three coats of the colour, a coat of Inglot green flakie (on 5/10 nails) AND my fast dry topcoat, it was dry to the touch in 10 minutes flat. It is a very impressive nail polish. 

I am still super-duper grateful to Lyuba @ Funky Makeup Junkie for these amazing goodies. Can't wait to try the second palette, too :)

Ruth x
ps. All will be revealed about my new hair soon!


  1. Man, you just have the coolest shaped eyes! You should totally do a doll look. It would be un-freakin-real.

  2. Ok, so the nail color was made for you! However for the eye shadow palette I think I should have picked up the other green one they had, it was brighter and I was not sure if you would like it brighter (kinda like the polish).... :( For some reason I was expecting wow from this palette (I mean the name! LOL) but it doesn't wow me... :( Wet n wild, I expected better of you!!!!!!

  3. Meredith - :) Good idea.

    Vintage makeup - Sadly the hair dying fiasco messed up this green but it will be back!

    Lilly - I knooooooooooow I love green (and blue) the most.

    Ooooh Lyuba I love it I do, it will show up better over NYX pencils or UD liners. I was having a down day, don't worry!!

  4. K, you'll have to prove me wrong and post another FOTD! ;P :P