Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Summery Sky Eyes

 When I was playing make-up artist with Emily (in the previous post) this was the make-up I was rockin'. It is my Inglot blue (371) and lilac (379), the tearduct had AMC Shine 28 over NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk with a dark Inglot brown (378) in the crease. This was my first try of UDPP Eden and I like it. It does seem to work best with mattes. I used my Kryolan gel liner in aqua blue on the waterline and my usual mascara and eyeliner. I tried out the middle colour from my new swapped GOSH eyebrow set, I like it. It's a really precise, fine powder and I think it works well.

My nails that day were Grace Green from Model's Own with Inglot 204 blue flakie on four of the nails. I clearly needed to moisturize my cuticles >.< sorry.

I am currently in the process of dyeing my hair blue. Eep!

Ruth x


  1. I love that nail combo and I can't wait to see your hair! No-one is fuelling my lemmings for gel liners more than you right now. I'm going to Inglot again this week and I don't know whether to make a sensible neutral palette purchase, which I need, OR BUY ALL THE GEL LINERS OMG.

  2. LOL @ Robyn....get the gel know you want to :P

    I really like that blue on's the first time I've seen an Inglot color on a blog and thought "I have to have that"

  3. I love the shape of your eye! They're so round and pretty. The blue looks really nice on you as well and the blending work is very subtle and well done. Gorg.

  4. Oh man, can't wait to see your hair! I love the color on the lid -- I think I have that color and now I know what to do with it. This is 80s without being over the top, lol.

  5. Oh pretty! Blue looks lovely on you. Interested to see the blue hair as well :)

  6. Your FOTD make me give some mattes a chance. Usually I HATE them. Maybe it's because with my fair complexion I don't think that mattes look all that good on me...?

  7. Robyn - :D this gel liner is a kryolan one but overall THE INGLOT ONES ARE THE BEST AND YOU NEED THEM ALL. I wish I'd bought that whole shop. You're so lucky to be in London. I wish I could order online... my bank balance is glad I can't.

    Stephtee - It's probably my favourite matte blue. I also love the Illamasqua one I have (Sadist).

    Meredith - Aw. Thanks. That makes me all *aw shucks* and stuff.

    Cydonian - haha. It is a bit isn't it, I like that. I know blue eyeshadow is meant to be kind of bad... but I think it's my favourite make-up thing in a non-ironic way.

    Vintage makeup - Thanks :) I will post ze blue hair soon.

    Lyuba - Give mattes a chance. I think you can pull it off. My love of mattes started with Illamasqua, although I only have two of their eyeshadows. I know sometimes they can skip/be patchy etc but I just love how bright they can be. I love glitter/shimmer too though... for sure!

    Woah. Thanks guys. It's always sweet to get some positive feedback :)