Monday, 18 July 2011

EOTD and NOTD for 15/07/11 (Final Harry Potter)

I wore this look and nails for work and seeing the final Harry Potter film on Friday. I won't bore you with the details but it did make me cry a little bit... three times.

Not in the mood for an in depth product list today however - eye-primer was UDPP in Eden (now my go-to) with a mix of colours from Sleek Curacao (matte tomato red, shimmery bright pink and matte black), Monaco (dark matte red and matte cream) and Sunset (metallic dark red). Even though their palettes have names for all the colours now, I can't remember them or really be bothered to look them up today! I think the matte red is Bloody Mary and the black is Espresso Martini...ok it does help a little! All my usual face products and mascara.

Anyway, all the eyeshadows are Sleek. I am 'shopping my stash' as they say as I am sure I don't experiment enough and still have products I haven't fully realised the applications for. The main reason for this is I really really want the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary eyeshadow set when it launches here and I'm keeping my ear to the ground. I haven't bought any of the latest MAC collection. I have promised myself that if I don't buy any more make-up (at least not online/expensive stuff) until it launches then it won't go to waste and also I will deserve a treat! Another rule I should impose is using the Naked Palette and my UD 15th Anniversary pencil set more often as well. You can hold me to that!

This - the nail polish I am still wearing after five days, four days of which I spent working 9-5 - is A-England Tristam. It's a lovely yellow gold. I thought it would go well with Harry's snitch (how wrong does that sound?) Also, even though I was trying NOT to be in theme, I picked his house colours. Ack! 
I found this really tricky to apply (possibly because I was distracted by True Blood season 3 which I am in the middle of renting from LoveFilm) but it has lasted amazingly. No chips and no tip wear. 
Seriously, none at all. Very impressive!

Ruth x


  1. Cool look =)
    I'm gonna go see Harry P tonight, waterproof mascara- check ! ^^

  2. I CRIED MY EYES OUT. And I watched Part 1 right before part 2 in the cinema, so I was already crying from that one. I felt like a right loser, I was almost sobbing. That is one gorgeous gold polish!

  3. That nail polish is SICKENINGGGGG. Love it. And I lol'd at you not trying to end up 'in costume' but managing it anyways. Looks cute though!

  4. Your nails are so pretty! Loves it

  5. I like the contrast of the pink eyeshadow to your hair. Unfortunatly I did not manage to see the last Harry Potter but I will this week. Thank you for being honest that you cried, I will bring a box of tissues with me to the cinema then.

  6. Love this look! I agree with Lilly, I too like the contrast of the pink eyeshadow and your hair, looks fab! I can't wait to see the new Harry potter too.

    Alice x

    I'm a new follower too, feel free to check out mine if u like;

  7. Nice contrast between your hair and eyes ! I love it :D
    I can't wait to see the last HP too , i'm completely addicted to the movies and books .

  8. Beautiful, I love your nails. I'm going to see Harry P at the Imax on thursday, while I'm so excited I'm also a bit terrified as I know I'm going to be in pieces by the end!

  9. I hope those who saw it enjoyed it everyone :) I think I'm going a second time soon. Because I have no life :D