Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Two Work EOTD's (again)

Should I just go ahead and make this a regular feature? 
Well, looks like I'll have to. I work in a museum and so the summer months are going to be busy for me. I try to make time for a little make-up fun every work morning. Today I overslept, today was a mascara day. 

At the weekend I wore these dark blue false lashes from Mister Mascara. I bought them last summer and wore each pair (it's a duo set) once each before abandoning lashes for ages and ages. Well, what more perfect time to wear blue lashes than when you have blue hair. So I did just that with winged liner, tinted moisurizer, pink blush (Sleek Santorini) and NO FRINGE (hence the face).

Then on Sunday I put my hair up and did a little smokey eye using the Urban Decay Naked palette (Virgin on inner corner, Hustle in crease) and MAC Venomous Villains l/e mineralize eyeshadow in My Dark Magic (the lighter purple half) on the lid. I used Illamasqua cream pigment in Mould and UD 24/7 liner in Zero as bases to help the shadows adhere.

I've plucked my eyebrows a little thinner and I quite like it. Only on days where I don't have time or simply forget to fill them in (like today and Sunday) it's not the best look.

Ruth x


  1. those lashes are wicked ! And i love the second look too !

  2. Those lashes are SOOOOO pretty! What kind of museum do you work in?

  3. i love those lashes and the hairstyle you wore on Sunday, very pretty. Your eyeliner look fab too, whenever I attempt winged liner, i just end up with a big squiggle across my lid! haha

    Alice x


  4. Those lashes are pretty cool! And I just LOVE the second look, overall --the hair, and especially your smokey eye :)


  5. Thanks everybody.

    Meredith - it is a (crazy) children's science museum. I am so happy that UK termtime is nearly over and it will finally be families instead of schools for a little while. Phew!

  6. You look absolutely beautiful with your hair up!

  7. Oh I love your lashes, how fun to match them to your hair! :D

  8. OOOh, those blue lashes are really neat!