Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My First Giveaway - Butter London and Sleek

I have been lucky enough to win two blog giveaways in the past. Since it made me so happy to have new stuff (and it was lovely new stuff from Inglot and Guerlain as well, double exciting) 
I decided at the time I should make a little giveaway of my own at some point. 
It's not a competition, I just want to give a present to someone! It will be randomly generated from one o' those number picker things and will be all fair and above board.

These are the prizes -

Butter London Fashionista's Choice set from 2009 (here is a review from alllacqueredup) - a  full-size nail polish set. I saw this going for a song on ebay and I have heard good things about their polishes. Now, I don't have any Butter London of my own but I know they are quality. These are all lovely colours of which I have similar shades. If I kept this for myself I knew it would really only go to waste (I have too many polishes as it is!) and so I am giving it to one lucky reader along with...

The aforementioned Sleek Caribbean collection! I cannot vouch for the blush or the balm as I could only track down one of each in my local Superdrug stores (and I am giving them to you!) but I love the eyeshadows so far after testing (most of) them out today (from my own palette of course, yours will be new and untouched!)

This is open to anyone at all, anywhere in the world!
If you would like to win these prizes 1) you must be a follower (does this go without saying?) and 2) you can enter by leaving me comments answering these questions with some feedback about my blog.

1. Should I get twitter? 
2. Do you like that my blog is mostly eye and sometimes nails of the day, or would you prefer more reviews or such?
3. What do you think could be improved about the blog? (Such as - Is the layout ok? Do I include enough information? Am I writing clearly?)

I'm not going to lie, I would like some more followers. I enjoy the feedback and the community and sharing with a group of people online. Therefore, if you post about this giveaway
with a link from your blog using this banner -

(and then tell me you did in the comments so I can check) I will give you an extra entry into the number generator gadget thingy.

You have two weeks in which to enter, and then on Wednesday the 27th of July, I will announce the winner. Eeep! Please enter, I'm nervous now!

Ruthy x


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  3. Om nom nom. I just saw some swatches of this palette, and I decided right then and there that I needed it. And then this happens!! YAY!!!

    1) Meh, I don't really follow twitter, so personally I don't care. However, everyone else who is not me (or "normal") seems to love it. SO maybe it's a good idea?

    2) Reviews are great and all, but your EOTDs are gorgeous enough to float a blog for life. So I'd stick with that!

    3) Improvements... hrrrmm. The only thing I'd say is that the center-aligned text doesn't really flow well. But I mostly read through Google Reader, which removes most formatting values.

    I've sidebar'd the contest, and I fully intend to include a blurb in my next entry ;)

  4. Ok, I mucked that up royally by copying like your whole post into my comment. Third time's a charm!?

    1. I have a twitter for my blog, but mostly just to enter for extra entries on giveaway. I don't often use it but if you're a giveaway whore like myself it does come in handy for pretty minimal effort.

    2. I prefer it this way! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy review/haul/swatch posts but what I love most about beauty blogs is seeing people's creativity and makeup looks. Keep it up!

    3. Improvements, hmmm. I haven't noticed anything off the bat and I've been a follower for a little while now. I like your writing style, you write very clearly. Maybe put products behind a cut to streamline your entries a bit? That's just my personal preference though. All in all, well rounded, great blog, one of my faves to check and read.

    If I include your giveaway banner on my sidebar rather than posting (it will stay visible longer), can that count? If not I will include your giveaway in my next post.

    Great giveaway, really have my eye on that Sleek palette set!

  5. Should I get twitter?


    Do you like that my blog is mostly eye and sometimes nails of the day, or would you prefer more reviews or such?

    I like your tuts, and nail posts, but I would like to see some reviews. :)

    What do you think could be improved about the blog?

    I like the design and everything, I'd just like to see a wider variety of posts. :)

    GFC Vintage Makeup


    Thank you!

  6. 1. Personally I think twitter helps a lot in terms of getting properly involved with the blogging community - it's a great way of networking and getting to know your readers better (and getting to know the writers of other blogs you love better!). I think when it's only used for promotion it's pretty pointless but if you're willing to get involved, join in with chats and start to go from having readers to having friends it's genuinely awesome :)

    2. I utterly love your blog's content and one of the things I've found is that it's important to follow your heart in terms of your blog - if doing beautiful makeup and nails is what excites you, stick with it! If you find yourself itching to do reviews, do them, but don't feel you have to do them just to become a "valid" blogger :) I made that mistake at the start and ended up never blogging because I felt like I was just meant to be reviewing stuff all the time and I really didn't enjoy it. You're fabulously creative and I think the way you post at the moment really reflects that!

    3. Re improvements, I think you're writing and post style is fab. You could make more of your looks by making your photos larger (when you add a photo to editor, click on it and it'll give you size options - I normally go for large/x-large as it fills the "box" a bit better and gives a clearer view of the look/product/etc). Personally, I find white text on a black background hard on the eye but by no means do I think that means you should automatically change it! If you're a black background kinda gal, that's what you should go for :)

    You really do have a lovely blog - it's so creative and your looks are always so vibrant and inspiring :D xx Not sure if you want us to include our emails or not, but just in case, mine's emilybirkinshaw at gmail dot com xx

  7. 1- I have a twitter but don't really use it much. I don't have time to keep everyone update with what I'm doing at that moment. It's great to get and keep in touch with other bloggers and your followers.

    2- I like blogs that have a little of everything, makeup looks, nails of the day, hauls, and reviews.

    3- I like the layout, it's easy to navigate, and not cluttered like other blogs I've seen. I like your writing style and everything is clear and concise.

    Thank you for the giveaway! I'm been wanting a Sleek pallette.

  8. What an amazing giveaway!

    I'm a new follower (I found your blog through the blog Hedonism, Limited).

    Email: bluetapenails (at) gmail (dot) com

    1) In terms of Twitter, I don't use it, but for all the beauty bloggers that do use it, it seems to keep them "in-the-know" which may be a good thing? I would say it would depend on if you'd use it. Do you adore social networking mediums? If so, then go for it!

    2) I like that you do eyes and nails of the day looks. I mostly follow nail blogs since nail polish is my makeup addiction of choice, but your eyes of the day looks are divine! And you work it in so well with blue hair! Amazing!

    3) Improvements? I can't see any areas that could use improvements? You have a great blog and blogging style. I guess the only minor suggestion I would have is that you mention you like colors (in a previous post you said the black is a little dark/not your style). Why not do a bright colored background with a black background for the text? Then the bright background wouldn't interfere with reading the text, and you could change the color depending on your preferences/how you feel that day? Just a thought.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win such amazing makeup/nail polishes! (I've always wanted to try butter LONDON lacquers!) Keep up the great blogging!

  9. Hooray! This is an awesome prize :D

    1. YES, please get Twitter so I can spam you!
    2. I love that you have lots of looks/NOTDs, but if you want to do some reviews and stuff... it's your blog dude!
    3. I think the layout and the writing is fine - clear and informative. Honestly, you're not doing a thing wrong. I love your blog.

    I follow through GFC/robyndskinner at gmail dot com xxx

  10. 1. Yes you MUST get twitter :)
    2. I love your blog for your EOTD, but I would be interested in seeing some reviews too.
    3. I like your new layout, no need to change. :)

  11. I've been a follow for awhile now :) I always enjoy reading your blog!!

    1. Yes you should get a Twitter!

    2. I like seeing your eye makeup and nail polishes. I find them really neat and inspirational! I think more reviews could be neat, I mean, if you want to. It's your blog, therefore up to you :) I like reading whatever you choose to post!

    3. I think everything looks good! The layout works great --it's simple and easy to navigate. Your writing style is great and very clear!


  12. 1. I don't have Twitter, so I don't know about the good sides of it :| .
    2. I like your blog as is - you're talented, you like what you're doing and it shows. Although that doesn't mean I'd mind reviews :) .
    3. Everything's okay and the thing I love the most is that your personality, your charm shines through ^_^ .

    I remember when I found your blog - you had 3 followers, and the next time I came here and clicked to follow you had 6. Now it's 93 - don't worry, the number will continue growing since, as I mentioned, there's a. talent and b. charm in you, and I really believe those are the things that make for an interesting blog.
    I don't have a blog of my own, but I mention you in my comments (when and appropriate, of course).

  13. 1. Yes! It's good for promotion and interacting. :D
    2. I like it but reviews would be appreciated! That could help readers decide to buy a certain product. :D

    3. I think I like a girlier feel to the blog. Like the color perhaps? :D

  14. 1. Yes, twitter can be wonderful for networking!

    2. I love your EOTDs and really can't get enough! Nails are sort of irrelevant to me since I keep mine very short for playing instruments and such. I would like to see reviews as well.

    3. The color scheme is a bit dark, and given the gorgeous colors we see in your posts I think brighter/lighter colors in the background would be nicer.

  15. There's no such thing as too many polishes, duh! :D

    Anyway, here are my responses:
    1. I don't care for twitter, facebook ar anything similar, I don't use those.
    2. I'm rather a fan of EOTD and NOTD posts in general.
    3. I think the blue layout matches your current hair color, your posts are clear and interesting :)

  16. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

    I'm a new follower :)
    GFC name: spider girl

    And here are the answers to your questions :)

    1. Yes, of course! That's a great way to connect to fellow bloggers and getting more traffic to your blog :)

    2. I personally love blogs through which I learn something, so yes, I would love reviews and tutorials, too :)

    3. Color scheme & social networking

    techiespidergurl at gmail dot com

  17. gfc: evil_eva12
    email: evil_eva12 at hotmail dot com
    1. i don't use twitter but it's really your choice! you could also stalk celebs on it ;)
    2. reviews will be helpful !
    3. i don't really like the color scheme/theme, it's too dark for my liking. :)

  18. 1. i think twitter is a tad over rated though i do have one and fell for the hype however for you to spread the word about your blog would be very useful!
    2. i think more reviews would be an awesome idea seeing as you get your hands on a wide variety of makeup from high end to good ol' highstreet and hearing others opinions helps me and im sure many others decide on what products they will and wont buy.
    3. the only thing i could think about to improve the blog is if possible attempt to get links to sites where you could buy the products im sure id love to know where to get hold of some of them ^_^ but otherwise i love your blog, the way it is, you have beautiful pictures of awesome makeup looks all the time!
    (i had followed the blog just by visiting now and then but now i want to follow properly and will be spreading teh word by facebook (all i can do) because id love to see your blog get more followers like it deserves!


  19. Hi Ruth I LOVE your blog and I also LOVE this giveaway!
    To start with I am sorry I am following so late and entering so late as well but hopefully you get my entry in time, I also posted your giveaway on my blog> barbiecanhateonthis I follow your blog as Vanessa.

    1. More and more YT Gurus including bloggers have Twitter and are now involving Twitter for giveaways, which honestly eliminates a handful of entries. Personally I think it's easier to not have a Twitter but it also gives those who do an extra advantage.

    2. Personally, I LOVE your blog but again I love reading reviews so possibly more reviews?

    3. LOL I don't think I can say this enough but I LOVE your blog the way it is, for suggestions (not that you need it) maybe you can spice it up with a different font? But other than that I think you did a wonderful job with your setting its YOU and if people like me love your blog like I do then they will come as I have :>
    Thank you for this giveaway and good luck to everyone.

  20. 1. I really do think Twitter can be a major help to bloggers, as well as a time-waster to everyone :P but really, you'll end up getting traffic from Twitter and having lots of fun too, so I vote yes!
    2. Although reviews can be great, it's a lot of work to do *good* reviews and I'd rather see none than ones that are really not good. So ... I say stick to what you enjoy and are good at doing! (Not trying to say you specifically don't do good reviews, just in general :)
    3. Lots of people don't like white writing on black or dark background. That's all I can think of xD

  21. 1. Should I get twitter? No. Facebook is cooler. Although it would probably help get you more followers.
    2. Do you like that my blog is mostly eye and sometimes nails of the day, or would you prefer more reviews or such? I like it as is.
    3. What do you think could be improved about the blog? (Such as - Is the layout ok? Do I include enough information? Am I writing clearly?)I think the layout is too dark.

  22. Hello, I followed you under the name "Holly"

    1. Should I get twitter? Yes! It's such a great way to communicate with readers and fellow bloggers
    2. Do you like that my blog is mostly eye and sometimes nails of the day, or would you prefer more reviews or such? Reviews would be nice as I'd love to hear your opinion on products!

  23. Hi :) Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

    1. Yes, you should give Twitter a try. I think it helps a lot if you want to promote your blog.

    2. I like the stuff that you're writing about :) Keep up the good work!

    3. I think the design of your blog is great as it is. Unlike other blogs, yours is clean and easy to navigate through :)

    I follow you on GFC as Kris Beauty

    Email :

  24. I thought I posted a comment, but it doesn't seem to show up.

    1) Twitter? Eh. I have one I think, though I have never used it. I just don't see the point.
    2) Reviews are good, though I can always go to other sites to check it out. I like the EOTDs because sometimes I just can't think of anything to do with all the eyeshadow I've bought. Nails don't concern me. Because I go to school for culinary, I'm usually not allowed to wear nail polish.

    GFC: Sarah Spear