Friday, 29 July 2011

Two Matte Nails of the Day

The above are two nails inc polishes I bought in a box set from T.K.Maxx. I did not realise they were matte. I gave my sister one of them for her birthday that had glitter in it and was probably also matte. (Hi Sis! Sorry if that polish freaked you out!) It turned out more exciting that they were matte as I only had an (at this point untried) essence matte top coat and Revlon Emerald City (which is really more of a satin finish). The brown is Barnsbury Road and the blue is Chester Terrace. It chipped and cracked pretty badly because it had no topcoat and only one or two layers of each colour (applied a little streakily in places). After two days it was time for a new colour.

This. My new favourite combination OF ALL TIME. Yeah, I said it. This is a Wet n Wild polish (that Lyuba sent me) called Haze of Love (dark red cream, nicely covered in two coats) with a generous layer of Andrea Fullerton's Gemstone topcoat (goldy orangey flakies) and a coat of the aforementioned essence matte topcoat (which Nola sent me). It dried so fast and is super thick and luxurious feeling. Very slightly tipwear after two days. No chips. Shines green in the sunlight when tilted at an angle. One more word - LOVE.

My cuticles are feeling pretty dry. I think I need to invest in a cuticle oil of some kind... does anyone have any recommendations?

Ruth x


  1. Oh. My. GAWDDDDDDDDDDDD. Are you KIDDING me with that second nail color??? I barely even have nails and I'm tempted to run out to the store right now and buy those colors.

  2. OOOOOH, matte flakies! *steals* What's the name of the W&W colour?

  3. the matte flake polish looks awesome.

  4. Robyn - It is called Haze of Love. It's a really nice formula, I'm impressed.

    Sadly today guys n gals, one of my nails snapped at the tip. About a mm. This means I need to file them all a bit smaller. Sad sad times. But it could've been so much worse.

  5. Awesome nails! I really need to find myself one of those flakie polishes!