Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Giveaway winner announcement! - Emily!

First of all, thanks for entering for those that did. I now have over 100 followers and it's exciting and I'll be honest - gratifying. Without further ado (I'll summarize the feedback in one moment) the winner is... 

Comment/entry number 4 - Emily from Sparkle and Shade! I will contact you for your address today. I have been following your blog for quite some time and was very excited that you were reading and that you'd entered. Hope you enjoy your goodies, you deserve them. Anyone that doesn't follow her, you should. Not only does she do lovely reviews and make-up looks, but more recently is jogging and eating right and it's very inspirational reading. I like.

Second of all,  Some of the feedback turned out to be stuff I was considering but forgot to ask directly such as would you prefer dark text on a light background to the white on dark blue. It turns out most people would. And twitter - people are either ambivalent or very enthusiastic so we'll see. I do read a few peoples twitter feeds anyway, but I'm still not sure how it all works. Since blogging I am realising the internet is better when you're interacting. It may be another week before I get the time to set that up, but I plan to.

I also plan on having tags listed at the side for browsing and so on - now I have more posts this makes sense. Bekka's feedback that the centralised text is a bit weird - I had wondered why I was doing that (something to do with the photos being central?!)
It seems overall simplicity is best and I am worrying about nothing.

One more thing - thanks for all the comments calling me creative. Since I finished my art degree I have picked up a paintbrush maybe three times in total; make-up has been what I felt like doing for the past two years. It's pleasing me that it's pleasing people :)

Ruth x


  1. Congrats to the winner and congrats to you on acquiring over 100 followers! Typically the more followers you have the faster you gain new ones so you'll be at 200 in no time. I'll keep an eye out for you on Twitter if you decide to join up.

  2. Congrats to the winner :D !

    I like the dark with white lettering, it sets your blog apart.

    I must say that, when some of the bloggers I follow join Twitter... I don't know, it seems that the amount of blogging falls and that a lot of it becomes "... and check my Twitter for that", "... which will be open for my Twitter followers", etc, which makes me feel that blog-readers (and me as a part of them) are second best.
    Not to say Twitter is bad, just that... oh, well, please don't let the blog fall to the wayside, pretty please. I'd miss you and stuff :D .

    I told you you'd get even more followers ^_^ .

  3. Congrats! I like light text on a dark background. :)

  4. Grats, Emily!!

    Meh, I prefer light text on a dark background, to be honest. I find it's a lot easier on the eyes. But, I'm insane, so hey!

  5. Eeeeeeee just seen this!How exciting!!!!!! im currently on holiday in wales with only my kindle for internet access bu for some reason i dont seem to have got your email :/ Maybe try sending it again? Thank you sooooooo much!Such a lovely treat after a pretty horrid couple of months xx

  6. Well done Emily, I got your email and will send out the prize ASAP.

    Meredith - thankies. I will find you on there...when I sort it out :\

    Bekka/VintageMakeup/I like light text on dark background myself so... maybe I'll just leave it yeah?

    Ana - I'll get twitter but I wont forget my blog. I feel like I'm just reaching my stride. Fingers crossed I keep up momentum and it just gets better and better :)