Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Working my way through new nail polishes...

I have twenty five Illamasqua nail polishes as of last week. I plan on doing a collection post/summary of them at some point because they are clearly a big favourite of mine. I have plenty others from cheaper brands, too. I currently have over twenty untried polishes. Now, let me say this - I only buy polishes (and most make-up in general) when it's on offer. That way I can afford more. 
While I'm on the subject, I plan on doing a giveaway with some polishes I ordered yesterday, more details on this soon... 
Now, these days everytime I wash my hair I dye my fingernails blurple. Therefore I have already worn two different colours of polish this week. Saturday/Sunday/Monday morning I wore this - 

 Color Club Glitter Envy is a neon green jelly with glitter throughout. Because it's semi-opaque the glitter suspended in it looks more like little polka-dots than shiny glitter. I actually really like it, but don't think I'd want more than one, or even the whole collection... unless it was free. I got a few comments at work, mainly from customers, who didn't know whether to look at my hair or my nails first. It was fun!

And for the past two days I have worn Illamasqua Blow (creamy pastel yellow) with Essence nail twin glitter in Edward on top. It has tiny flecks of holographic glitter, small circular blue glitter and teal/turqouise chunky square glitter. It's just stunning, probably my favourite glitter top coat overall. Teals/blues/greens are still at the forefront of my mind. This Illamasqua yellow applies really easily, this was two thin coats. 

I suppose I like it as it is almost the exact shade I obtained from a discount shop (that's right, not even drugstore/highstreet... it was £1) when I was about 11. I used it for all over yellow nails or sometimes as the centres of daisies on lilac nails (what my friends called fried egg nails). Yeah. I had around 20 nail polishes then and I'm pretty sure my pre-teen buddies were all jealous. 

Maybe that's why I collect them so much at the minute...maybe I'll never get over the tastes I had as a schoolkid. I'm ok with that :) 

I made my first holographic franken today, which I plan on road-testing tomorrow. I couldn't bear to part with this particular manicure (in the above photo) today...mostly because glitter is a bitch to remove for me, even with acetone remover. Any tips?

Ruth x


  1. I LOVE both these combos, that green mani is awesome! So bright!

  2. You make me so jealous of your nails :) :) :)

  3. very pretty, that green is lush, so eye catching and vibrant x

  4. Yaaaay I agree everyone, neons are the best.

    Lyuba - :\ I nearly snapped one today doing my clothes washing. Ooops. Thankfully, I wear such thick nail polish these days it resisted tearing. Still hurt a bit :(


  5. Love the green nails! And you have very nice nails --I'm quite jealous, haha. Mine are short and chewed; even when painted they look pretty pathetic. The second combo of polishes is quite summery and festive :)