Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Empties for Skincare etc

I am a facewipe fiend. Back in my student days, my original favourite were the Boots own brand sensitive wipes that come in a blue packet and are like £2 for three packs (or something). When I started to wear heavier make-up, I felt I needed a wetter wipe (that sounds gross) for to remove more make-up with. And speed up the process. Henceforth, I chose to try -and fell in love with- Simple wipes (I have a full packet in my hoard incase of emergency).

Recently the Quick Fix spot fighting version were on offer and I ended up with three packs (my mum thought I'd like them, hi mum!). I've tried two packets out and meh. Before I had tried Liz Earle cleanse and polish I was getting some major hormonal chin breakouts every month, I suppose that's what she was getting at. They helped with that but I don't have that problem anymore. Anyway, I'm sure I'll use up all these wipes somehow. I found them a bit drying. Overall, I still prefer the standard kind.

Another type of wipe on offer a few months back were the Johnson's sensitive wipes. They smell really weird, like plastic, but are very moisturizing and soothing. If it wasn't for the smell, these would be my favourite! I just finished two packets. Dear Johnson's, please make your wipes not smell weird, thanks.

Next I am trying out the bottom left packet - Boots Botanics. Guess what - they were on offer. Who would've guessed with me involved (haha).

More under the cut.

I have also got through a bottle of the Botanics bi-phase eye-makeup remover in a couple of months so have got a replacement as it's my Holy Grail for effectiveness and cheapness and all that good stuff. I was using Clinique samples and cheapo Boots basics creamy remover (that contains all kinds of bad things like parabens). I somtimes use Ponds Cold Cream but find the perfumey flowery smell a bit much.

Heads up, buy 2, get 1 free right now on Botanics. I am going to try out their Organic Rosewater toner next as I have heard good things and am so far very impressed with what I've tried from the range.

As for facecreams, I haven't run out of these in so long (I don't need much, I'm more oily than dry). However, I will repurchase the Oilatum cream when needs be, it makes a great soothing primer on bad skin days. I also use it in place of a nightcream. I'll probably stick to the same SPF creams I have as they're working for me. While there are £5 No7 vouchers around, I think I'll pick up another of the Anti-Dark Spot SPF 50. That makes it £6 and much more of a bargain.

I have already used one £5 No7 voucher this week - for the Dry-Oil Body Spray. It smells divine and is much easier to apply than Bio Oil. I'm not sure how effective Bio Oil is anyway, and this is way cheaper - with the voucher it's less than £4. And you get like LOADS (200ml) and it smells pretty nice. I also use an Oilatum body cream on my legs and arms if they feel dry (for example, sometimes my legs feel 'tight' after shaving) but overall, just a bit of this here oil spray is a nice finishing touch. 

Thought I should mention haircare. I've switched from using Aussie Take the Heat Haircare (as it ran out, and the shampoo & conditioner - although I love them - contain sulphates, which are bad for my coloured hair) in favour of...

This Schwartzkopf heat protect spray and Black & White pomade (as recommended by my vintage hair style research). I bought a giant tub, I will never get through it. Or, conversley, I might turn into a 50's throwback a la Mark Lamarr. (God, I hope so.)

And finally, what I have used to wash my brushes for months and months and months. I'm finally at the end of this mammoth bottle. It does an ok job but my thinking is it's not antibacterial and this could cause problems with my skin (or anyone I use my brushes on in the future).

If you have made it this far, dear reader, do you have any brush cleaning recommendations?

Ruth x


  1. I love MAC's Brush Cleanser. It's a really quick one to dry, and works great.

  2. Ooooh, I love the Botanics MU remover. I had to find another oily remover for my kit because I do NOT trust the lid but it's pretty awesome. I'll try the toner as well methinks ^^

  3. Vijiis - That's what I was thinking of trying highest on my list so far. Most people think it's worth the price. Hmm...

    Robyn - I do not trust the lid either! I keep it lying down even though I think it is going to leak :\ x