Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Sorry I've been absent FOTD (Matchy)

Inspired by Lisa Eldridge's latest video I did this look for my first day back at work this weekend. I had been in Edinburgh for a couple of days. More info after the cut.

I used my Inglot orange placed in the crease first (could've used Sugarpill Flamepoint. Didn't). Darkened it up with Blackout from the UD 15th Anniversary palette. From the same palette I also used Chase (a light golden brown) on lid and Flow (peachy shimmer) on inner corner. My blush was the lovely and golden-glowy (and peachy) The Balm Hot Mama. And on my nails...

Illamasqua Whack. An orangey red. I thought it went kind of well with the eyes. Quite matchy. No matter how bad anyone else says matchy is... it makes me excited when things match! It always has. And also when things clash. I suppose I like extremes. This NOTD also means I have finally tried out all of my (so-far) 25 Illamasqua nail polishes. Phew. I think my new nail polish colour everyday phase is over (for a while at least). Next on my list is a set from Konad. I want more creativity.

Bonus Edinburgh pictures:

Outfit of the day? I wore a Warehouse dress and a Ben Sherman blazer. I thought it was kind of circussy and fit the theme.

I felt like I was collecting these round paper lightshades in our room (black arty shade) and a secret aftershow venue.(colourful, mismatched, arty shades)

This is what I went to Edinburgh for. It was worth the socially awkward ex-boyfriend reunion and 6.5 hour journey through the night... for this alone!

Ruth x


  1. Eeeee, I love matchy matchy too! You look pretty. I want to do that tutorial but all in pink or green or something.

    Love all your pretty lanterns :)

  2. I love this! The nails are really cute with it and I love the Ben Sherman blazer, too!

  3. Robyn - I wanna try it with red. Also, blue haha.
    Imagine - blue contour, blue eyes, blue lips, blue nails and hair. It would scare Eldridge. I may just have to.

    Cydonian - :) I got it on ebay. I like stripes too much.

  4. I love that blazer! Really wanted it but couldn't afford it at the time :(

  5. I can't help loving things that match, I don't care how many times fashion magazines try to tell me it's juvenile and tacky, IT MAKES MY EYES HAPPY!

    That nail polish color is love, I might be referencing it in my next post - would I have permission to link back to your blog with the picture?

  6. Very pretty, I love Whack, it's such a great colour, now I think I need it. I'm jealous of your many Illamasqua polishes, they're probably my favourite polish brand ever.

  7. Thank you so much for your kind comment! Your blue hair is divine!!!! absolutely stunning!