Thursday, 25 August 2011

Trying to perfect a smokey eye...

I used my new baby, the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary eyeshadow palette to create this look - mainly MIA and Blackout. As (mostly) always I used a matte skintone eyeshadow (Inglot 352) to blend to my brow and MUA shade 2 (shimmery white) as an inner corner highlight. The lips are Sleek Pout Paint in Milkshake (my lips are very pigmented and I had a lot of lipbalm on so it came out kinda goopy and junk). I filled my brows in super big and dark using the darkest shade from my GOSH brow compacy. I contoured and highlighted with the Sleek contour powder in Light and used a touch of MAC l/e Darkly my Dear blush (from the Disney Venomous Villains collection).

I wore this shopping. Nothing exciting. It was the day I bought the Botanics Rosewater toner, which smells amazing and makes me feel all pampered and preened. It seems I am trying to improve my dramatic-yet-not-a-rainbow eye makeup skillz. What do you think?

Ruth x


  1. great look as always!

    Alice x

  2. I think this looks really nice. Need to get that 15th anniversary palette!

  3. I think you did a good job! And that palette is starting to get me really interesting!!!

  4. It took me a while to perfect my smokey eye, and it's probably still a work in progress to be honest but you seem like you're getting the hang of it, it looks good!!

  5. I am so in love with your hair - it's absolutely stunning!Love the make-up too, and you've reminded me that I need to try out the Sleek contour/highlight kit :)

  6. Thanks peoples.

    Jessie - Hi! Thanks :) About the contour kit - it's a really good value product, I don't use it enough. I bought NARS Albatross highlighter as an indulgent treat and prefer the effect of the Sleek one. Eeep! x